Red Barrels News The Outlast Trials: Patch Notes & Announcements

October 26, 2023

The Outlast Trials Patch Notes | October 2023 – Update #3


Update #3 – New Trial, Limited Time Programs, & More!


This latest update delves into a substantial amount of changes, enhancements, and new content, many of which are a result of all the feedback we obtained from players throughout Early Access.

Here are some of the new features coming in for this major update:

  • Program 4: Courthouse New Trial.
  • New MK-Challenges in Fun Park, Orphanage, and Police Station.
  • Program Geister Halloween Event: Our second limited time event now with new exclusive rewards running October 27th – November 17th.
    • New Cosmetics and decorations – Play Program Geister to unlock themed cosmetics.
  • Weekly Programs: Play through Murkoff’s new Experimental Therapy every week starting after November 17th.
  • New Sleep Room Minigame – Challenge other reagents in a timeless chess battle.
  • Group Finder changes – Find players for the same Trial, and other options.
  • New Prescriptions and Amps – Continue your progression and unlock new Prescription and Amps.
  • New Conclusion – Where will Murkoff send the reborn?
  • New Legendary Outfits – Available for the reborn.
  • Player Reporting tools – New tool to ensure a great experience for all players.
  • Other additions, improvements, balancing, fixes and much more. More details below…


New Program: Courthouse

Vindicate the Guilty

We cannot allow our innocent institutions to be persecuted for their clear guilt. Sabotage the proceedings, silence the witnesses, and revoke the authority of the judge.

The main room of the Courthouse map in The Outlast Trials


  • Two new storylines added! Complete them by finding the evidence documents scattered inside the Trials.
  • New objective gameplay including the acid bucket retrieval, lockbox puzzle rooms, and the introduction of a new objective enemy: the Scapegoat.
  • Utilize the Tracker to pinpoint the elusive Scapegoat, then employ the Microwave Trigger device to… well, let’s just say it’s not the most pleasant news for its brain! Make sure to keep your eyes peeled to spot clues in your surroundings for help maneuvering the map.


The scapegoat enemy behind a glass panel


New MK-Challenges

Introducing 3 new MK-Challenges spread across the different Programs.

Drill the Futterman: People are not toys. Stop Mother Gooseberry from making a human Dr. Futterman. Located in Fun Park featuring Gooseberry

Preview of new Outlast Trials trial, drill the futterman


Release the Prisoners: Only Murkoff arbitrates justice; free the convicts falsely imprisoned for their conspicuous guilt. Located in Police Station featuring Coyle

Preview of the cell block from The Outlast Trials


Gather the Children of God: Too much mother-love makes a weak child. Gather the children and bring them to the priest for a more strenuous education. Located in Orphanage featuring Gooseberry

Preview of the outside of an updated map area of The Outlast Trials


Time-Limited Halloween Event “Program Geister

A header image for the upcoming Outlast Trials program, Geister


Program Geister is an experimental and convergent hallucinatory therapy designed to amplify unforeseen side effects of the Trials. Program Geister is a limited-time Halloween event that unlocks October 27th and ends November 17th. Throughout this time you will be able to play through select Trial Programs with new variators:

  • Hallucinations?: You see something! Is it the side effects, trauma or something else?
  • No Player Names: Player names are hidden. Total immersion for everyone!
  • More Imposters: More Imposters will be present in the Trial. Watch your back.
  • Enraged Enemies: Enemies are on high alert! Be careful…

Complete the Program Geister storyline by finding the evidence documents scattered inside the Trials.


Geister token icon

Geister Token

Acquire 2 Geister exclusive Legendary Outfits and 15+ Geister exclusive character and cell cosmetics using Geister Tokens

Succeeding in the Geister Program Trials is the only way to obtain the Geister Tokens needed to acquire new exclusive outfits, as well as character and cell customizations. You must play Program Geister to unlock these exclusive customization items during the event and you will be able to acquire the items you unlock using Geister Tokens in their respective menus in your cell. These exclusive Geister customization items will be vaulted and won’t be able to be acquired once the event ends. Anything you acquired using your Geister Tokens during the event will remain in your inventory.


Introducing Weekly Programs


  • Introducing Weekly Programs, which revolve around thematic Trials and MK-Challenges, delivering fresh experiences.
  • Some Weekly Programs present challenges; consider customizing your loadout to counter variators.
  • Please note that Weekly Programs will be temporarily halted during the presence of Experimental Programs like Program Geister.
  • The inaugural Weekly Program launches on November 17th.
  • We’re excited to share that some Weekly Programs are experimental, and we eagerly welcome player feedback to help us fine-tune and enhance your experience with this new game mode. We will be making a feedback chat for them in our 18+ Discord when the Weekly events launch!


Program X and Conclusion Update

  • Program X has been refreshed for all users with a new set of Trials and MK-Challenges.
  • Reagents who complete the therapy may be released into a new international conflict.
  • 2 new Legendary Outfits have been added for the reborn.


New Sleep Room Minigame: Chess

A chessboard minigame in The Outlast Trials


Challenge your fellow Reagents to intense matches of the timeless game of Chess right in the sleep room.

Other minigame changes:

  • You can now cheer on your fellow Reagents participating in Arm Wrestling matches.
  • The names of the World’s Best Arm Wrestling players are proudly engraved on the table.
  • New rating system to track your performance in Arm Wrestling and Chess matches.
  • Enjoy Arm Wrestling and Chess games in the Cafeteria as well.


New System: Performance XP

We’ve introduced a new system that rewards active participation in Trials, catering to various playstyles, whether you prefer taking your time or you’re a newcomer. This system also ensures that players who choose not to engage in the Trial face penalties. The new system doesn’t reward actions such as rushing to complete objectives, speedrunning the Trial, or outpacing your teammates.

  • Player will now receive XP for their performance during Trials.
  • Player can earn up to 1000xp based on performance/actions during a Trial.
  • First Time Completion XP have been adjusted:
  • Trials now give 1000xp (was 1500xp)
  • MK-Challenges now give 500xp (was 750xp)

This adjustment aims to enhance the experience and address the following scenarios:

  • Earn XP based on your contributions, even if you fail a Trial (“F” grade).
  • Encourage replaying previously completed Trials.
  • Penalize players for non-participation in the Trial.


Solo Changes

As mentioned in our development update, we previously experimented with unlimited respawns. Although it helped solo players complete Trials, it diminished the intensity of dying and removed some of the trademark tension of playing Outlast. As a result, we’re reverting to the original 3 chances per Trial. However, we’re introducing a new feature: Respawn Pills. Exclusive to solo mode, these pills grant an additional +1 chance. For struggling solo players, discovering these extra lives is now a way to survive in the most challenging Trials.

Solo changes:

  • Respawning now restores 75% (was 100%).
  • Reinstated the previous 3 chances/respawns system.
  • New item: Respawn Pills can now be found in a trial. (In solo only)
    • Respawn Pills are extra chances allowing the player to go beyond the normal 3 respawns.
    • They can be found in some Syringe Boxes and Secret Rooms.


Group Finder Changes

Preview of group finder menu changes


Following community’s feedback, we are testing a new group finder matchmaking system where players have more control based on their preference. Matchmaking wait time might be impacted based on the selection, region, time of day and other elements.

Access the matchmaking options via the Group Finder button in the Terminal:

  • Any Trial: You will be matched with players looking for a group (any Trial). Matchmaking time: Quick.
  • Selected Program: You will be matched with players interested in playing any Trial of the selected Program. Matchmaking time: Moderate.
  • Selected Trial: You will be matched with players interested in playing the selected Trial. Matchmaking time: Long.

Please be aware that even after joining a group, the leader still has the option to modify the selection before initiating the Trial.

We will monitor this change and keep improving ways to play with your friends and strangers.


Player Reporting

Preview of player reporting menu


Players now have the ability to report players for misconduct, including but not limited to bad behavior, exploits, and hacks.

Appropriate measures will be taken as needed:

  1. Voice chat privileges may be temporarily revoked.
  2. Game access may be temporarily restricted.

Our commitment to fostering a positive community means we will actively monitor and address instances where players intentionally disrupt the experience for others.



  • Therapy Level cap raised to 56 (was 40).
  • Added Tier 3 Prescriptions (Rx). 7 new prescriptions to acquire. (Visit Barlow to purchase)
  • Added 6 new Amps. (visit Dorris to purchase)



Barlow the pharmacist has new prescriptions available to help reagents in their therapies.

  • Added Tier 3 Prescriptions (Rx):
    • Stamina Recovery: Accelerated stamina recovery.
    • Deep Breaths: Faster recovery from exhaustion.
    • Advanced Regeneration: Health regeneration initiates faster.
    • Revitalize: Fully restore health when revived through syringes or respawns in solo.
    • Projectile Bait: Throw a projectile at a hiding spot to reveal hidden enemies.
    • Medic: Help up and revive teammates faster.
    • Resistance: Break free faster from traps and grappling enemies.
  • All Tier 2 prescriptions are required to unlock Tier 3 category.



Dorris the shadowy dame has restocked its contraband inventory with new amps.

  • New Amps:
    • Recycle: Consumed medicine bottles will become throwable items.
    • Battery Charger: The Night Vision Battery gradually recharges when not in use.
    • Surplus: Start Trials with a random item in your inventory (medicine, antidote, bottle or brick).
    • Lock Breaker: Throw a brick to break open locked containers.
    • Night Crawler: Gain an edge in darkness. Your crouched walking speed is enhanced, and your night vision battery lasts longer.
    • Last Chance: The last enemy strike reduces your health to 1 HP instead of causing death.(Once every 5 minutes)
  • Reworks:
    • Hide and Heal: Heal 1 bracket if you hide shortly after being damaged. Also start health regeneration immediately.



Engineer Noakes has recalibrated certain Rigs in his workshop after studying how Reagents were utilizing them.

  • Blind Rig:
    • Increased deploy time to 5s (was 3s)
    • With “Deploy Technique” upgrade: 4s (was 2s)
    • Deployed mine lifetime is now unlimited.
    • Placing a new mine will now disable previously placed mines.
  • Stun Rig:
    • Electric Boost Upgrade: Replenish 50% of Night Vision Battery instead of 100%.
    • Increased stun duration to 5s (was 3s).
    • With “Extended Duration” upgrade: 8s (was 5s)



  • The Screamer has undergone significant changes. The stun effect has been eliminated, and players who are subject to the scream will experience a brief period of confusion instead. Additionally, both the detection range and the area of effect range have been decreased and fine-tuned.
  • Enemies will exhibit increased leniency in their pursuit, thereby diminishing the likelihood of them miraculously discovering your whereabouts when you attempt to evade detection by breaking visual contact with them.
  • Slightly diminished the AI’s sensitivity to footsteps.
  • Increased time between Pusher and Imposter can spawn from Monster Closets. ‘High Density’ variator is unaffected by this.
  • Other various AI improvements and bug fixes.



  • New stamina bar display setting available in settings. (Off by default in the Standard Preset)
  • Rig cooldown timer is now displayed on-screen when trying to use the Rig that is under cooldown.
  • Rig icon now displays remaining time for the last 10s of the cooldown timer.
  • Rig icon now displays a visual feedback when cooldown timer ends and become ready to use.
  • A text feedback is now displayed on-screen when the amp’s effect is activated.
  • A text feedback is now displayed on-screen for some Rig Upgrade effects.
  • Cell decorations: Chandelier renamed to Candelabra. (Thanks to player ‘Ubergeek’)
  • The Program Name and Trial Name are now displayed in the Pause Menu.
  • Player’s Loadout is now displayed in the Pause Menu.
  • Player’s loadout is now displayed permanently in the HUD while in the Sleep Room (not in Trials).
    • Player can instantly reach the Loadout screen with a new hotkey while in the Sleep Room.
  • The Terminal screen now showcases the loadouts of all players.
  • Revamped the Badges menu:
    • Badges moved to its own tab. (Access from terminal)
    • Player must now claim badge rewards once completed.
    • Badges counter now display counter beyond “99” (up to 999).
  • Badge completion will now be displayed as a notification during gameplay.
  • Added new Badges (non repeatable)
    • Complete the Exam of Program 1.
    • Complete the Exam of Program 2.
    • Complete the Exam of Program 3.
    • Complete the Exam of Program 4.
    • Complete the Exam of Program X.
  • Updated milestone of some badges:
    • Gotta Go Fast is now 50 (was 100)
    • Bullseye is now 50 (was 100)
    • Bamboozle is now 50 (was 100)
    • Trigger Happy is now 50 (was 100)
    • Anger Issues is now 50 (was 100)
    • Recharged (previously Boost Me Up) is now 50 (was 100)
    • Downed But Not Dead (previously Step On Me Daddy) is now 50 (was 100)
  • Revamped the Records menu:
    • Removed Badges from the Records menu.
    • Added Trials history (see your last 10 Trials results).
  • Rebalanced price of Release Trophies (acquired after reaching a certain releases milestone).
  • Picking up an Evidence Document now leaves an opened document at the pick-up location.
    • This feature enables players to ping the location of the acquired document to their teammates.
  • Revamped the Evidence Document system: Players will now acquire a randomly selected document from the pool of uncollected documents, rather than drawing from the entire document set at random. This adjustment is designed to enhance players’ ability to complete all storylines, making the process more straightforward and manageable.
  • All players can now freely enter any cell in the Sleep Room without any restriction.
    • Previously, players encountered an invisible barrier at the entrance of other player cells.
  • Legendary Outfits are now rewarded after completing the Release Protocol instead of completing Program X.
  • New visual feedback is displayed over NPCs icons in the Sleep Room when they need attention from player.
  • An icon/marker is now displayed on the Sleep Room officer when player has enough Release Tokens.
  • Added Gamepad layout selection screen (more layouts will be added in the future).
  • It is now possible to change the Toggle Run option independantly between mouse/keyboard and gamepad.
  • Players will now keep the benefit of Health/Stamina/Battery Boosters for the duration of the Trial, and not lose the benefit after being killed.
  • Added new text notifications when consuming a Health/Stamina/Battery Booster.
  • Added visual feedback on battery bar when under the effect of the Battery Booster.
  • Added visual feedback on stamina bar when under the effect of the Stamina Booster.
  • Quest items (keys, tickets, etc.) are now displayed next to the player’s name (over the head display).
  • Added a new setting to turn off head bouncing.
  • Added a new “low pass filter on high frequency audio (tinnitus)” setting.
  • Increased amount of batteries and medicines in all Trials.



  • Fixed navigation issues/bugs in Trials.
  • Fixed an issue where menu prompts were sometimes not working correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where player could sometimes fall out of the map when exiting the Shuttle.
  • Fixed an issue where player could sometimes get stuck in the Pause Menu.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible for users to map an action on the middle mouse button.
  • Fixed an issue where it was sometimes difficult to revive a teammate near interactibles objects (ex: doors)
  • Fixed issues with player shadows and player reflexions.
  • Solo: Players will now respawn with activated night vision if the respawn point is in a dark zone.