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October 25, 2023

Developer Update | October 2023 – New Trial Map & Halloween Event


New Content Update Coming Oct. 26

Greeting Reagents! A new update is coming to The Outlast Trials Early Access on Thursday, October 26th that will include a new Trial Map: Courthouse, along with new MK-Challenges and new Weekly Programs! A limited-time Halloween event: Program Geister will also be available in which you can brave the Trials to obtain exclusive Geister Tokens and purchase Halloween themed Cell and Character Customizations.

Note that the October 26th update will mark the end of Program Omega for the time being as Experimental Programs such as Geister and the Weekly Programs are being implemented into Trials.


New Trial Map – Courthouse


Now is your chance to vindicate the guilty in Courthouse! This new Trial Program brings along new objectives as our Reagents sabotage the proceedings of the courtroom, silence witnesses, and revoke the authority of the judge. You can complete new storylines by finding the evidence documents scattered inside the Trials to discover more behind the goings on of Murkoff’s Sinyala Facilities and its Denizens.


A picture of the new The Outlast Trials courthouse map, showing the front of the building


Reagents will come face to face with the new objective enemy, our Scapegoat for this Trial: the Witness. You must use the devices provided by Murkoff during the Trial to locate and silence these Witnesses.

A front-and-back render of the upcoming enemy for The Outlast Trials, the Scapegoat


You may also run in to our New Big Grunt enemy skins in Courthouse as well as throughout all the Program Trials.

An 360 degree view render of a new skin for the Big Grunt enemies in The Outlast Trials

A front view render of a new skin for the Big Grunt enemies in The Outlast Trials


New Halloween Event – Program Geister

A header image for the upcoming Outlast Trials program, Geister


Program Geister is our limited-time Halloween event that unlocks October 27th and will end on November 17th. Throughout this time you will be able to play through select Trial Programs with new variators:

  • Hallucinations?: You see something! Is it the side effects, trauma or something else?
  • No Player Names: Player names are hidden. Total immersion for everyone!
  • More Imposters: More Imposters will be present in the Trial. Watch your back.
  • Enraged Enemies: Enemies are on high alert! Be careful…

Succeeding in the Geister Program Trials is the only way to obtain the Geister Tokens needed to acquire new exclusive outfits, as well as character and cell customizations. You must play Program Geister to unlock these exclusive customization items during the event and you will be able to acquire the items you unlock using Geister Tokens in their respective menus in your cell. These exclusive Geister customization items will be vaulted and won’t be able to be acquired once the event ends. Anything you acquired using your Geister Tokens during the event will remain in your inventory keep.


New MK-Challenges

Introducing 3 new MK-Challenges spread across the different Programs.

  • Drill the Futterman: People are not toys. Stop Mother Gooseberry from making a human Dr. Futterman. Located in Fun Park featuring Gooseberry

Preview of new Outlast Trials trial, drill the futterman

  • Release the Prisoners: Only Murkoff arbitrates justice; free the convicts falsely imprisoned for their conspicuous guilt. Located in Police Station featuring Coyle

Preview of the cell block from The Outlast Trials

  • Gather the Children of God: Too much mother-love makes a weak child. Gather the children and bring them to the priest for a more strenuous education. Located in Orphanage featuring Gooseberry

Preview of the outside of an updated map area of The Outlast Trials


New Weekly Programs


Weekly Programs are a mix of Trials, MK-Challenges, and Variators revolving around one theme. The Weekly Programs will change every Friday and is available for one week only. Be ready to be surprised by what’s coming in the following months! The inaugural Weekly Program will begin right after the Geister special event, on November 17th.

Weekly Programs present challenges that will push you to consider customizing your loadout to counter the variators at play. Note that we have new Amps and Prescriptions to beef up your Reagent and help ensure you are at peak performance. Since the Weekly Programs are experimental, your feedback will be invaluable in helping us fine-tune and enhance the experience. We will be making a feedback chat for them in our 18+ Discord when the Weekly events launch!


Making of The Outlast Trials Documentary Available Now

Through the years of making The Outlast Trials, we have documented parts of our development process. Check out our Documentary, Outlast: The Challenges of Trials, to get a slice of the thrilling ups and downs as we navigated the challenges of creating our first multiplayer horror game. Deciding to dive into creating a co-op multiplayer experience and taking the Outlast franchise into a new direction was a hard feat but it was one that we met with determination.

The player feedback that we received during Closed Beta and since Early Access launch has helped us tremendously. Through our surveys, game metrics, and socials, we’ve been able to gauge our player sentiment and plan for the future of The Outlast Trial’s features and content. Thank you all for being such an integral part of our journey!

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Join the community on our 18+ Discord server and let us know if you encounter any issues in-game through our ticketing system, give your feedback on the Trials, and even find fellow Reagents to complete Trials with!

Our full patch notes will be out before the update on October 26th.

See you in the Sleep Room!
– The Red Barrels Team