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March 05, 2024

The Outlast Trials 1.0 is OUT NOW! | March 2024


The Outlast Trials 1.0 is OUT NOW!

Today, we are thrilled to unveil our v1.0 release update, a culmination of months of Early Access and your valuable input throughout it. This update represents a significant milestone, signaling the beginning of an exciting journey ahead. As we move forward, we are committed to building upon this foundation, shaping the future of The Outlast Trials.

With our V1 release update, we are ushering in a wave of changes, enhancements, and fresh content. These improvements are the result of careful consideration and collaboration, aimed at enhancing your experience and addressing key areas based on your feedback. We believe that this update not only marks a new chapter for all Reagents but also demonstrates our dedication to continuously evolve The Outlast Trials.

We are also very proud to announce that the game is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X! The game is fully cross-play, so you can play with Reagents across any platform!

Update Highlights:

  • Toy Factory – Embark on a twisted Trial against Mother Gooseberry.
  • New MK-Challenges – Experience new MK-Challenges set in the Toy Factory environment.
  • Solo Play and Difficulty – Significant adjustments to difficulty for new and returning players.
  • Denizens Storylines – Discuss with the denizens as you progress through therapies.
  • Revamped Programs structure – The Reagent journey has been revamped.
  • Program Genesis – Path to Rebirth. All Trials are now combined into one Program.
  • Program X – Path to Ascension. Murkoff has refreshed Program X once again.
  • Program Ultra – Path to Hell. Introducing a new permanent end-game Program.
  • New Conclusion – Release your Reagent to explore a new conclusion.
  • Weekly Programs – Return every week for new therapeutic experiences.
  • Experimental Programs – New Time Limited Events with unique rewards are incoming.
  • Increased Therapy Level cap – Continue your Therapy up to level 65.
  • Revamped Loadout – Build your ideal regimen with an improved system.
  • New Amps – Customize your loadout with a variety of new Amps.
  • Rigs Balancing – Revisited the Rigs for maximum efficiency.
  • The Brick – Revisited the brick item based on your feedback.
  • New Legendary Outfits – Acquire four new Reborn outfits.
  • New Character Customization – Acquire a range of new cosmetics.
  • New Personal Cell Decorations – Enhance your personal cell with new decorations.
  • Reagent Starter Pack (DLC) – Begin your journey to rebirth with unique Legendary Outfits, Cell Items, Posters, and more. Discount available for all current players.
  • Full console support – Play Outlast Trials on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X.
  • Full controller support – Enjoy controller support, vibrations, and presets tailored to your playstyle.
  • Cross-Play – Easily play with your friends across all platforms.
  • Many other improvements and fixes.

Toy Factory

Introducing the brand new Trial Pervert the Futterman “We cannot allow secret messages and innuendo to brainwash our children; expose and humiliate the hidden deviant, then destroy him.”

  • New Objective Gameplay: Compactor, conveyors, toy machines, alarm doors will all be part of your next Trial.

New MK-Challenges

Experience new MK-Challenges set in the Toy Factory environment.

  • Crush the Sex Toys: Discreet packaging hides dangerous perversion. Shine a light to expose the boxes of sex toys, then crush them with industrial force.
  • Incinerate the Sex Toys: Perversion on an industrial scale foments widespread corruption and disobedience. Push the production carts of sex dolls into the incinerator and burn the sickness.

Denizens Storylines

  • As you progress, the denizens of the Sleep Room will have stories to share with you.
  • Make sure to regularly visit Noakes, Barlow, and Easterman (Radio in your cell) to listen to their tales.

Solo Play and Difficulty

  • We’ve implemented adjustments in difficulty, Trial structure, and progression to provide a streamlined onboarding for all new and returning players – including those playing solo or as a group.

Revamped Program structure

  • There are now 3 permanent Programs: Program Genesis, Program X and Program Ultra.
  • Rotating Weekly Program (changes every Tuesday).
  • The Weekly Program will be interrupted when a Special Program occurs (Time Limited Event).
  • Players are now required to accumulate 20 Release Tokens to access the Release Protocol.
  • All Trials now award Release Tokens. (Trials award 2 Tokens, Mk-Challenges award 1 Token)
  • Players are free to engage in any Trial to earn Release Tokens, including Program Genesis, Program X, Program Ultra, Weekly Programs, and Special Events.
  • Program X is now unlocked after achieving 1 Reborn.
  • Program Ultra is unlocked after achieving 3 Reborns.
  • All Trials now provide full rewards (XP and Murkoff Dollars), even upon replays.

Dev Comment: In response to player feedback, we have revamped our Trials structure to better guide players towards the Reagent Release, ensuring more players experience the releases/conclusions earlier in the game. We’ve introduced changes to eliminate pain points in matchmaking and Trials selection, allowing players to freely engage in any Trial to earn tokens for a new Reborn. Program X is now an end-game feature with increased difficulty, providing a new challenge for seasoned players. And for the most dedicated players, we have added the new Program Ultra.

Program Genesis

  • All major Trials and many MK-Challenges have been combined into one Program called Genesis.
  • Genesis is a straightforward campaign considered the main path to rebirth.
  • Genesis Trials and MK-Challenges have no variators, and there are no repeats in this Program.
  • Complete Program Genesis to acquired enough Release Tokens and access the Release Protocol.
  • The intended difficulty of this program is Easy to Normal.

Program X

  • One Reborn is now required to access Program X, which entails acquiring 20 Release Tokens and completing the Release Protocol.
  • Program X has been refreshed with a new mix of Trials, MK-Challenges, and variators.
  • The rewards of Program X have been increased to be more generous.
  • The intended difficulty of this program is Normal to Hard.

Program Ultra

  • Program Ultra has been added to the game permanently.
  • Access to this challenging program is unlocked after the player has completed three Reborns.
  • Program Ultra offers the most difficult Trials ever created by Murkoff, but also the biggest rewards.
  • The intended difficulty of this program is Hard to Very Hard.

New Conclusion

  • Reagents who complete the therapy may be selected by Dr. Wernicke for his own personal project.

Weekly Program

  • Return every week for new therapeutic experiences.
  • With the release of V1, as we welcome a wave of new players, Murkoff will rerun some of the most popular Weekly Programs at first, while also introducing new ones in the months ahead.
  • The intended difficulty of the Weekly Programs varies from week to week.

Experimental Programs (Time Limited Events)

  • Murkoff will be hosting additional Experimental Therapy (Time Limited Events) in the upcoming weeks and months, filled with surprising experimental therapies and unique rewards. Stay tuned for more information!
  • We also want to assure everyone that past events will make a return in 2024 (Program Geister, Winter Kills and Omega).
  • The intended difficulty of the Experimental Programs varies from week to week.

Increased Therapy Level cap

  • The maximum Therapy Level has been increased to Level 65.
  • Nine new Amps have been added to the game.
  • Visit Dorris to discover the new Amps and make purchases once you meet the level requirement.

Revamped Loadout

  • The method of equipping Amps has undergone a complete overhaul.
  • Amps are now classified into three categories: Tool, Skill, and Medicine.
  • Each category includes nine different amps.
  • You can equip one amp from each of the nine available options per category.


  • New Amps:
    • BACKPACK: Expand your inventory by one slot.
    • INVISIBLE: Enemies can’t find you in a hiding spot, even if you peek.
    • KEYMASTER: Lockpicking guarantees success on the first try, and each lockpick has two uses.
    • HIDE AND RESTORE: Enter a hidespot to restore Rig cooldown much faster.
    • ANTI DOOR TRAPS: Door traps shatter when doors are opened normally. If opened slowly, the trap disarms instead.
    • SMASH: Break doors or planks in a single strike.
    • GOOD JOB: Finishing an assignment will replenish a portion of your health. (Brief cooldown before it can be used again.)
    • BOOSTED: Start Trials with a random booster in your inventory (health, stamina or battery booster).
    • SELF REVIVE: Resurrect after death. (Once per Trial)
  • Revamped Amps:
    • NIGHT CRAWLER is now INCOGNITO. Your crouched walking speed is enhanced.
    • HIDE AND BREATH: Updated behavior. Enter a hiding spot to instantly recover from stamina exhaustion and receive an adrenaline boost. (Brief cooldown period before re-use.)

Rigs Balancing


  • Teammates now appear in X-Ray mode.
  • X-Ray can now be used while inside a hidespot.
  • Increased base X-Ray cooldown to 45s (was 30s).
  • Using X-Ray while in Night Vision will now deactivate Night Vision once the X-Ray effect ends.
Dev Comment: We are committed to improving the usability of X-Ray, aiming to make it a powerful intelligence tool. We made teammates appear in X-Ray in order to help coordination, and made the X-Ray usable while inside a hidespot to scout the surroundings while hiding. We will keep improving the X-Ray in the future.


  • Deploy duration reduced to 5s (was 6s). With upgrade 4s (was 5s).
  • Smoke duration increased to 15s (was 10s). With upgrade to 20s (was 12s).
Dev Comment: Following player feedback on our recent change, we have reevaluated the balancing of the Blind Rig. While we maintain the Blind Mine as a powerful tool that demands strategic planning, we have made it slightly faster to deploy and increased the duration of the smoke effect. We recognize its critical role in helping players achieve certain Trial objectives. We will continue to monitor player experiences and make further adjustments as needed. Thank you for your ongoing feedback.


  • Cooldown reduced to 120s (was 180s).
  • “RESTORE” upgrade effect changed: Cooldown time is reduced by 75% if no enemy is hit. (was 50%)
  • Fixed a bug where Prime Assets were immune to Stun rig.
Dev Comment: We believe the Stun is currently well-balanced, but we aim to enhance its utility as a quick-response tool for emergency situations. Additionally, we aim to eliminate the penalty for missing a target or using the Stun to disarm certain traps by reducing the cooldown time in those scenarios (upgrade required).


  • Heal Rig can now be used while inside a hidespot.
Dev Comment: We believe the Healing Rig is currently well-balanced. We have introduced the ability to self-heal while in a hide spot to align its functionality with other healing items.

The Brick

Based on player feedback from our previous change, we have revisited the brick item:

  • Updated behavior based on players feedback from previous change.
  • Brick now has 2 charges before it shatters.
  • The visuals of the brick (both in-world object and icon) will indicate its current state (new or used).
  • NEW: When the STRONG ARM amp is equipped, the brick will only have 1 charge (it will instantly shatter upon hitting an enemy).
  • The brick still has unlimited uses when thrown in the environment.
Dev Comment: 🤷‍♂️

New Cosmetics

  • Acquire four new Reborn Legendary Outfits (Rewards for the Reborn).
  • Express yourself with a variety of new character cosmetics. Unlocked by completing Trials.
  • Enhance your personal cell with new decorations. Unlocked by completing Trials.
  • Purchase the optional Reagent Starter Pack (DLC) and kickstart your journey to rebirth with unique Legendary Outfits, Cell Items, Posters, and more. A discount available for all current Outlast Trials owners.

Console Release and Cross-Play

  • The Outlast Trials is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X.
  • Experience full controller support, vibrations, and explore different controller presets to fit your playstyle.
  • Cross-Play is fully supported, allowing you to easily play with friends across platforms. Simply share your Outlast ID (located in the Social Menu) with your friends to connect.
  • Please note that Cross-Progression is currently not supported.

Improvements, Balancing and Fixes

  • Stamina:
    • Stamina will now regenerate after a short delay instead of immediately.
    • Stamina consumption has been slightly decreased (can run longer before exhaustion).
    • Performing jumps while exhausted now cause a short stumble animation.
    • Performing jump overs while exhausted now cause a short stumble animation.
  • HUD:
    • Main Objective is now displayed permanently on screen by default (Standard and Accessible presets).
    • Added new separate option for Secondary Objective display. (Auto-hide by default, can be changed in the settings)
    • Reminder: Press “Tab” (or “Select” on controller) to display the main and secondary objectives.
  • Results Screen: Therapy Level of each player is now displayed.
  • Readded rewards for Perfect Score (A+).
  • Perfect Score (A+) now provides XP instead of Murkoff Dollars.
  • Performance Reward now also give Murkoff Dollars instead of just XP.
  • Remaining in the Trial after the Exit Trial countdown will now result in ongoing damage over time instead of instant death for the players.
  • Adjusted price of items of common items to 250 Murkoff Dollars (was 100).
  • Slightly decreased lockpick minigame difficulty.
  • Weekly Program / Sharp Glass: Broken glass damage increased.
  • Variator / No Player Names: Icons indicating players bleeding out and killed will now be visible in the game world even if this variator is active.
  • Interrupting the Pusher will now only inflict a partial amount of insanity gas.
  • Breaking windows will now create a minor sound disturbance, which may attract enemies.
  • Fixed the “Focus” input not working correctly in the Character Customization menu (Mirror).
  • Fixed an issue where players could avoid being knocked back by an NPC if performing a jump.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes, improvements, and optimizations have been implemented.

If you experience issues and need to speak with a support agent, please do so by joining our 18+ Official Discord Server here and creating a /ticket command to get assistance!

Thanks for your patience and understanding and we will catch you in the Sleep Room!

– The RB Team