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What the heck happend in the 3th comic

November 6, 2016 at 4:48 am

No, really, what. So many strange things happend that I literally cried out loud while reading (I’m still crying, actually). But there is no point in sitting stll, so I decided to list all the unexplained things here…
1) Billy’s mother didn’t die? In one of the documents ( it was said that his mother had had a heart attack and I always thought that it was a very tragic and great detail for Billy’s character. But it turns out she survived, was alive all this time and was just using the money Murkoff sent to her for her own benefit? That’s actually… even more sad.
2) More importantly: BILLY IS STILL ALIVE?! So… we can clearly see two Walrider-looking figures on top of the van right here (, so, in theory, one of them is Miles and the second one is Hope? Walrider can now posses two people at the same time? But… Billy died. Most definitely. Or did he? Or Walrider returned him from death? Or Miles returned back and was like: “Ugh, real sorry for killing you. Just let me resurrect you and let’s go visit your Mom, ok?”…
3) Even more importantly: WTF IS WALRIDER NOW. So he can a) be seen without night vision, b) can look like a human instead of a black skeleton with muscles on it. We already knew that Walrider learned to move around freely without being tied to an unconscious host with a huge life-support system attached to him, but all this stuff…
I don’t even know what to believe anymore. My faith is shattered. Someone, please, save my poor Outlast-loving heart with your theories…

  • ILoveAGoodCrisp
    November 6, 2016 at 6:48 am

    This annoys me too. I hope Red Barrels comes forward and explains what is going on with the comic. Don’t get me wrong, it is a really great comic, but it is really delving into alternate reality territory.

    For example:

    1) Trager becoming a patient happening at the same time as women are moved away from the asylum. In the game the psychosomatic pregnancy event happens in 2010, Jeremy Blaire even writes to Trager about how they should bring women back for testing. I don’t feel he’d be playing golf with and writing to a Trager which is currently undergoing the morphogenic engine treatment.

    2) Billy survives as the walrider, and Miles is dead. In the game Billy is killed and Miles becomes the host, this (IMO) likely results in Miles surviving, note that the walrider is implied to have healing powers, stopping the ageing Dr Wernicke from dying.

    3) The Walrider can be killed directly now? In the comic we see the Walrider killed and then appear to be reborn with ants as its host. It is implied in the game that the host body has to be destroyed. This means that either Billy has escaped the asylum in human form (like how Miles appears at the end of Whistleblower), or the Walrider can take a human shape and be killed (and now talk???)

    4) Like you said, Billy’s mum is now apparently alive? She’s dead in the game, one document mentions how they got Billy to think his mother was still alive so he would continue the treatment, when in reality she is dead.

    With all these differences, I’d just like to know what if anything is canon. Are both comic and game alternate timelines? Is the comic now canon? I hope not, as it would seem cheap to throw out the story of the game I enjoyed so much.

    • Oska
      November 7, 2016 at 8:42 am

      So, I gave it a little more thought and wanted to mention some things here.
      First, I always thought that ants at the end of the comic were just a metaphor. And I am pretty sure about this one.
      Second, we can’t know that Miles is dead for sure. In fact, when Murkoff employees ask Pauline about him, she has a cunning smile on her face as she tells them “of course, NEUTRALISED”. And there have already been instances of her hiding info from these guys, because their security clearance was lower than hers.
      Walrider still can’t be killed directly, Murkoff only thought so. In fact, it changed hosts. I think Billy didn’t want to stay around anymore since his only motivator (his mother) was gone and stopped controlling the Walrider, leaving it to the second host.

  • Max_Enigma
    November 6, 2016 at 11:54 am

    In response:

    1) I am okay with them changing minor things in the universe as they are still building it. The mother isn’t that major of a character anyway, but her being alive for the comic changes the story for the better. I agree that it was much sadder that she sold him then her dying of a heart attack.

    2) We know just as much about the Walrider as Murkoff does, and they know very little.

    3a) I am pretty sure we could see the Walrider before, he just became more defined under night-vision.

    3b) The Walrider is just a cloud of nano-machines so I’m sure it can change to look like whatever it wants.

    Overall I enjoyed this comic just as much as the last two (very much).This was probably also the most important one story wise as it added Simon Peacock and finally extrapolated on the ending of Outlast. I liked the little bit with Gluskin and I can’t wait for his comic too.

  • Nebel
    November 6, 2016 at 10:12 pm

    So… I’m guessing Billy’s subconscious is still in the Walrider then? I was a bit confused about the two figures on the trailer (I just instantly thought it was Miles and Billy, but one figure looks significantly bigger than the other?) and the fact that the nano-machines took over a colony of ants. I guess that’s kinda how Outlast relates to the second game, like Walrider gets into whatever it can and spreads elsewhere? I really wanted Walrider to show up as Miles as he did in Whistleblower, but now I’m not so sure what’s going on there anymore.
    The whole thing with Billy and his mother wasn’t too surprising I guess, but it still made me angry. Billy’s mother also had a lawsuit against Murkoff at some point that he found out about. Was she not getting all the money she wanted by selling him to the corporation?
    I enjoyed the nods to the events of the game though, cleaning up Blaire being one of them.

  • Helena
    November 15, 2016 at 12:56 pm

    No way, there’s an actual place to talk about this comic? I just read it and I am SO confused, I’ve been looking for a place to discus it but everywhere seems to be dead, where’s the huge Outlast fanbase?? I barely found a few comments scattered on a few websites about this very confusing issue, very frustrating.

    Now.. it’s pretty obvious that the bigger figure on the left is the Walrider, it’s the same silhouette (, but who’s on the right? Since Miles escaped the asylum, it would be logical to assume it’s Miles, but for some reason it’s Billy, who we killed at the end of the game, and now he’s made of nanites, what the actual f?? And assuming Miles is still the host, what happened to his physical body, wouldn’t he be required to be physically nearby for the Walrider to be there too? Because at the end, it says it switched hosts.. what, did the Walrider pop out of Miles, who apparently is nowhere to be found, and went into a swarm of ants? But isn’t the Walrider THE “top-secret dust” that it says they vacuumed, WHAT changed hosts then? And why was a spiral pattern left on the ground, what were those trucks, did they use an EMP, WHAT IS HAPPENING and why is barely anyone talking about it?? =( I am so confused… Anyone know when the next issue comes out?

  • rumcat
    November 15, 2016 at 3:33 pm

    I thought Walrider jumps from host to host… and since Billy was killed (y’know, the whole big glass ball full o’ blood and all), that’s why Walrider jumped into our tired and beaten hero. “You have become the host!”
    So does that mean there can be multiple Walriders running around now? I personally liked the part in the game where Billy was lied to about his mother to continue his treatment. It’s savage and sad and manipulative. A little disappointed to see that not canon anymore.

    I like speculating plots and all but I don’t like it when information conflicts with itself. T-T Halp, Red Barrels. Halp.

    Oh, on a positive note, loooooooved the panel with Eddie. He was drawn very nicely and it made me smile. <3

    December 19, 2016 at 12:38 am

    I agree. I’m very confused. I very much like Miles being the host, and it seems like Miles may have gotten access to many of Billy’s memories after becoming the host. I’m slightly disappointed about the aspect of the Walrider changing hosts, but I am somehow hoping that it was only a temporary solution, and that it will hop back to Miles when the danger to its survival has passed (because, at the end of the volume, it doesn’t seem that Miles’ physical body is around). I’m fairly certain Miles’ physical body is safe from harm, as they found no trace of Miles being there (and I kind of doubt that his body would turn to “dust” if he were there). I’m anxiously awaiting volume four, as I am curious to see if it will elaborate more, and I’m excited to see if they talk more of Miles. I’m extremely hopeful that Miles’ physical body wasn’t there, and that it is safe. I am also hopeful that the ants are only a temporary host to allow the Walrider to get back to Miles, because I can’t really see ants as a very strong and suitable host.

  • Whistleblower
    January 11, 2017 at 9:05 pm

    I thought the only reason the first game took place in an insane asylum was because (Besides its seclusion) is that you had to have had a traumatic experience and/or be mentally ill. Miles was only acceptable as a host because he was traumatized by his experience. But now ants can become hosts? What allows them to be a host? And what is even controlling the Walrider at this point?! Billy should be dead, the big guy on the trailer home looks like Chris Walker, and Miles is just gone. There are even multiple Swarms! How many nanobots are there? It seems like they got the timeline messed up and the “science” behind the Walrider wrong. The whole thing used to be Mind Over Matter; But now ants?! Why?!

    • Yinsed
      July 6, 2017 at 12:40 pm

      >I thought the only reason the first game took place in an insane asylum was because (Besides its seclusion) is that you had to have had a traumatic experience and/or be mentally ill. Miles was only acceptable as a host because he was traumatized by his experience.

      According to Pauline Glick in this Screenshot of issue #3, she says The Murkoff Corp are generous if there’s nothing wrong with the subject. There was nothing wrong with Billy in the first place, and Mrs. Hope didn’t denied it. She is a horrible greedy person.

      > Miles was only acceptable as a host because he was traumatized by his experience. But now ants can become hosts? What allows them to be a host? And what is even controlling the Walrider at this point?!
      As far as I know from reading 1-5 issues, WHO is controlling the Walrider, it is a Ongoing experiment and i think it might be the science division of Murkoff and Pauline doesn’t entirely know everything. But we do know the walrider can change hosts when there’s a living organisms around I thought it was interesting that Billy transferred to smaller hosts (ants). Reminded me of Biohazard 4D-Executor video, where the host changed to different hosts, including birds, dog, and rats.

      • This reply was modified 1 year, 4 months ago by  Yinsed.
  • Scathacher
    February 8, 2017 at 6:35 am

    Okay, let me start, everything i know is followed by day daily long-hours overhinking and making theories and picking possibilities. First things first the whole story is tied to human experimentation executed by Murkoff Corporation that has origins in Europe, Luxembourg (i’ll explain later). They started experimenting on humans during World War II, with one of the heading scientists-biologists including Rudolf Wernicke and his Outlast-Underground Lab-spoken-about friend Alan Turing, they were german, and it’s one of the official languages in Luxembourg, official in Austria and Germany, and german was likely to be the national language of USA back in 1900s, influenced by hatred to UK and big amount of germans migrating. World War II was terrifying, dehumanizing, shocking to the core, and those are the features needed to begin the Project Walrider (walrider name finds its origin in sliding throughout and/or past physical objects because of its consistence- nano molecules that are so small they can penetrate through still matter). Project Walrider was ordered for military purposes, probably by Adolf Hitler or someone else relevant during World War II, and Wernicke mentions in the movie that was projected at Asylum’s home-cinema room nearby the end of original Outlast game, that he results they reached were unbelievable for human mind, and what’s really important, that human mind in proper environment is capable of extraordinary, unbelievable things. Just to mention, Walrider is not a ghost, but a cloud of naturally produced molecules (something like cytoplasm) and lucid-dreaming therapy had to put human abilities (like OOBE) to the extreme and get out of body just to get into the new (that swarm) and control it (OOBE is about soul consciously leaving one’s body and heading to another place or fitting into another body, even an object). Human is consciousness and human’s body is only one of variety of objects the consciousness can possess, so they knew it and wanted to make something up out of it. As it’s written in one of Miles’ notes, Murkoff was going on under charity externals, and never on American soil. This corporation employed nazi scientists for self-profit of military patent-experiments, to create a soldier that can’t be hurt, and is very strong, almost unstoppable. In 70s they got to America and started to build facilities and underground labs to continue the experiments (documents accord to MKUltra program that was held by CIA and used medication, radiation, chemicals and mind-controlling therapies to test humans and get the knowledge about what they are working on), the latest hopefully was Mount Massive Asylum that was bought in 2009 (previous are eg Zeichner ARD Facility that a document say of, and where to the ‘Three Blind Dreamers’ were going to be moved, they were taken out of Asylum just days before Miles came, because when Pauline came there was an assisting female-employee that was actually pregnant because of Morphogenic Engine radiation, but Trager killed her because he feared about his job, but indeed this caused him to be put in the glass sphere by Pauline, not to mention he previously wanted to molest her by intoxicating her tho it didn’t work, she smelled it and didn’t drink). Very important now: Wernicke said the engine is self-perpetuating, which means it spreads and spreads and spreads, wanting (becaused it is programmed so) to copulate, (remember that this is a half-machine-half-natural-thing because it provides blood, fat, sugar and oxygen into patient’s body, and it collects molecules pruduced by human cells in order to create the swarm, but the swarm (really) is made of natural molecules (only) and has the instinct, so wants to survive, copulate and do all the things any organism does (yes, the swarm is an actual organism), the proofs are: psychosomatic pregnancies (molecules produced by a patient in sphere create a soulles body, a vessel wanting to possess one and be a full-legal-being, so they provide trauma and all things needed to become a host just to force other human to produce the same molecules and go to extreme trauma conditions to be immediately able to become another Walrider, the pregnancies are a sign that the primal, unconscious need is to be born and born again and spread), the fact that people who have never come into contact with Morphogenic Engine (like a 1st floor security worker) see the rorschach (hypnotic use), see the Walrider and hear the Walrider. Now, William ‘Billy” Hope (named of the famous boxer because William was strong and masculine too) was sold to Murkoff by his mother because she didn’t love her son as much as she loved money. Billy was one of a few people in there who were mentally healthy (yes, he wasn’t retarded, he was completely ok), he developed a personal father-son (which he never had) relationship with Dr. Wernicke, and in comic books, there is a part in which Billy doesn’t want to get into the sphere but they calm him down, probably because of Wernicke taking care of his case, he had the less inhumane treatment among anyone. In response to the third issue cover and the characters standing on the top of Billy’s mother house (car), there’s Billy and Miles. The Walrider form is usually similar to how one looked originally. Billy was tall and strong (sold out at 15 and killed when 23) and we can see it in the game, when we get into the Morphogenic Engine Chambers room. His height is 207cm, the same as Chris Walker’s. Miles is about 185 so the is a bit shorter (btw he’s 22), so the two who are on the cover are Billy and Miles, they decided to keep close. Pauline’s certain that Billy is there so she tells she heard that they pay (Swarovski figurines) even better if the kid is not mentally-damaged, and that she sold her son for a couple of glass bits. Then Billy gets mad and kills his mom. Then they try to anihilate him (not knowing that Miles is there too) and they think they succeed, but to male guy climbs up a hill and says it changed hosts (but he is not an author and we can’t believe his statements 100%, he thinks that it changes hosts, but the truth is other). As I said before, it spreads, it doesn’t change hosts, it doesn’t need hosts. It provides trauma to spread, it wants to reproduce, to multiply, that’s why Miles was so badly hurt before Billy died after cutting off his life-support. Wernicke says: “Gott im Himmel (God in Heavens). You have become the host.”, but he doesn’t precisely says you are the only host. At that moment Billy (yes) kills the SWAT-like team and goes up to the Administration Block, we can’t know if he kills Wernicke too, but it doesn’t matter since he couldn’t get out, he saved him and took elsewhere, left him, or killed, doesn’t matter, even since Murkoff wanted to stop employing him. Meanwhile, Miles is down there, getting to know his new form (swarm). At that moment Waylon finds himself in the Administration Block exit and Blaire wants to kill him because “NO ONE CAN KNOW!!! NO…. ONE…” but Billy (yes, Billy, because Miles was still downstairs and Billy knew Jeremy and hated him, like everyone) takes him to the ceiling are enters his body to finally spread inside which occurs in the body-explosion, that’s why he’s in pieces. Then Billy (being a good man, understanding the whole situation) waits being invisible for Miles to come along with him (or fly, whatever), as Waylon enters Miles’ Jeep, he sees the black dust and figures coming out of the asylum, which is Miles himself. Some people speculate that he’s holding his left hand on the stomach, because it’s where he got hurt, but no, if you look closely, he’s doing a thumb up sign with that hand, telling unverbally Waylon it’s ok and to go and expose the truth (which was Miles’ mission). Then the dust comes at the vehicle and Waylon leaves the facility, so Miles and Billy do. Waylon contacts Peacock (Murkoff worker) to help him and make him safe by covering his tracks, and he does so, but eventually get killed as it’s mentioned by Pauline is the third issue. Finally, Miles and Billy visit Billy’s mother, and then Billy kills her ex and the paparazzi from Pauline. The plot ends up here but i think Miles and Billy will cooperate even better just to expose truth, and they will certainly help Waylon, and they can make people Walriders because they can deliver the traumas. In the end, the three mentioned must-be’s to become Walrider are: strong, psychological trauma, then fear, and then overwhelming, extremely piercing pain. Every host meets the conditions (Billy was IV’d and put in horrible position and it was scary af, Miles was haunted by the asylum inmates, got his fungers cut off and strangled by Walrider). I said that Murkoff finds its origins in Luxembourg, because in one of the documents that portray an email there is an address “” and .lu is for Luxembourg, like .ru is Russia, .de is Germany, .uk is England, .it is Italy, .fr is France etc… And in Luxembourg, in real life, there is a machine that is underground in the lab, that tests the nano molecules to the speed higher than light and the research wants to get knowledge about the world origins, how it was made, and even Steven Hawking has warned them that it can have lethal effects, and probably will, ughhh… The last thing.. Outlast is based on ture events, like illegal, secret experiments, MKUltra program, sick research, and even Hillary Clinton’s party friend’s friend, a swede billionaire run secret, illegal, experiments in an asylum in Sweden, that occured three elderly patients to die after weeks of suffering by injecting concrete into theirs spine in order to test if it works.. apparently not, he got a lawsuit and a fine, but stil….. The Murkoff worker that in the beginning of the first issue had his eye sinking down of his head and got cured, the same guy was with Pauline in the end of the third issue, who said “it just changed hosts”, he bacame a one XD the black particles flew into him slightly and because the worked at Murkoff Co. he was already crazy and he had a daughter he was constantly feared about, and that he had that injury, that let him to be the consecutive person who can be Walrider. It doesn’t matter if someone is barely dead or fully healthy, Walrider can produce a new body because he is made of self-sufficient molecules. And according to Outlast 2, Jane Doe was found on a barren stretch of highway 100 miles from a nearest… and there should be put a word ‘hospital’, because she was pregnant. She commited suicide and didn’t give birth to her child because there was no child, she escaped the village that is lead by Sullivan Knoth (the crazy, ugly preacher who probably makes sex with the women and they can’t stand it, so they commit suicide XD) , and she killed herself because (and it’s mentioned befo befooo) when a woman has a psychosomatic pregnancy, she dies while ‘giving birth’ (but no child in). The plot takes place at the same time as Miles enters the asylum and Jane is mentioned in Whistleblower when Waylon approaches the Morhpogenic Engine scientists’ room, the two talk about “Going back to pick up Jane from Leadville (Leadville is the nearest town to the asylum), then we’re headed to the lake”, and “the nearest… (what Lynn says)” hospital… is about 100 miles from where she’s found, in Leadville, or Silverthorne, Arizona is so close to Colorado (Mount Massvie is in Colorado, it’s a real mountain), and Knoth is probably from Albuqeuerque in Nex Mexico, see, it all is so close XD Okay, i Hope i helped ^^ (and from the latest interview with Philippe Morin, Lynn is not what she seems) ^^

    • Helena
      February 8, 2017 at 8:45 am

      Except both Billy and Miles were average-sized males. Billy’s physique is the same as any other patient in the game, and in the third issue we see Billy in his “Walrider” form like this He’s only slightly larger than his mother, who appears to be a rather small woman. Billy’s nanite form looks nothing like the huge figure above the trailer, if anything, it looks much more like the smaller one.

    • Scathacher
      February 8, 2017 at 11:24 am

      No, Walrider form portrays physical form of the host’s body, and Chris Walker is 207cm, so Billy is.

    • Helena
      February 8, 2017 at 12:02 pm

      There is no evidence that the Walrider’s form portrays the physical form of the host, that’s just your speculation. You can clearly see Billy’s nanite form, up close, including his face, many times throughout third comic. His form is small, barely larger than his mother’s.

      Example here again you can see Billy next to other normal people, he’s roughly the same size as them.

      And if you look here it’s obvious that Billy’s form looks nothing like the large one on the left. Like I said, if anything, it looks a lot like the small one on the right. Furthermore, the last panel focuses on the smaller shape that dissipates, and since this issue was mostly focused on Billy, it’s logical to assume that the dissipating form is him.
      I also just went to the Underground Labs and took a screenshot of Miles next to Billy and measured them, their bodies are the same size. Billy was never a large man, clearly shown both in game and in the comics. Sorry but most of your theory is just baseless speculation. But we will finally get the answers once Red Barrels releases the 4th issue.

      p.s the reason why in game, the Walrider’s character model (NOT Billy’s) is 207 centimeters in height, the same height as Walker, is because both characters share skeletons and animations, as is common in video game development, I know because I have training in game dev.

      • This reply was modified 1 year, 9 months ago by  Helena.
      • This reply was modified 1 year, 9 months ago by  Helena.
    • Scathacher
      February 8, 2017 at 2:30 pm

      The game and comixes are created by same developers. There is no evidence that the Walrider’s form portrays the physical form of the host, well.. What evidence you need? I can assume that your comic craft abilities are low-flights because in comic books, the covers are always surrealistic and hardly ever portray the reliable image, often in turn, serve as metaphorical images of what is the main plot (or part) about. Indeed, the comic books are thought so to tell stories, not to reliably mime reality. Your skills are indisputable and yes, my speech has many speculations, which in fact are logical and turn out to be true just after collecting needed information. Just because they didn’t say anything about Luxembourg (besides that email), if you have a social/historical/histroriosphical knowledge you can assume that easily. I recommend not to base only on info that the game provides but to go much further, and to overthink the trails that lead to later new circumstances. I have the knowledge needed to assume why MM Asylum was bought (salt dome oil field, spindletop, mentioned in issue 1) by Murkoff Co. and if you find my post as speculation you are cutting it tight. The fact that character models may be same height is completely irrelevant and btw we can see that the camera that enables us too see ina first-person mode in the game is not placed at the head height, it is some neck-like place, just launch Whistleblower and stand next to NPCs (guy who tells us that we are paged 3 times already, Dr. Andrew, security), and that makes reliable impression of height and keeps reliable to what docu say. I agree with everything you said. It’s a pleasure to see there are people who are so passionate, i’m impressed, really. (im serious)

    • Helena
      February 8, 2017 at 2:51 pm

      ” the covers are always surrealistic and hardly ever portray the reliable image”

      We are not talking about covers, we are talking about the actual panels inside, they repeatedly show Billy as an average-sized male, as I’ve pointed out in all the screenshots.

      “Indeed, the comic books are thought so to tell stories, not to reliably mime reality.” I’m sorry, but if you’re going to start dismissing the comics just to support your theories, then there isn’t much to discuss.
      The thing about Luxembourg and Murkoff buying the Mount Massive Asylum are likely true, I’m not disputing that.

      About the character models, well, first off, you’re the one that kept mentioning them, secondly, I did not use the first-person camera, I edited my .ini file to allow me to use free-camera mode. I took a screenshot that way and measured Miles and Billy’s bodies next to each other, they are virtually identical. I didn’t count either character’s heads, since Miles is missing his, it’s just their bodies that are the same size.

      Well thank you, I appreciate your mental effort to come up with such a big theory, even with the speculation. I am passionate about it because Outlast is arguably my favourite game, I love its plot and all the possibilities to consider and discuss. Too bad the fanbase seems to consist mostly of 45% screaming children and 45% rabid fangirls, there isn’t much to discuss with those people.

      Now I’m just waiting for the 4th issue and hoping that it will answer some of our questions, I tweeted Red Barrels asking them when it will be released but received no answer so far.. And sorry if I said something that’s not making sense, been a long stressful day.

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    April 6, 2017 at 3:17 am

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  • Deppie11
    May 3, 2017 at 3:12 am

    I believe thats right , The two people standing in this pic , is Miles and Billy , since we saw Miles at the ending of Outlast DLC , i think when billy went inside Miles because he already know that or he was trying to save him self by taking Miles soul or body , But as i believed i thought Miles the only one alive as the walriader , and i got super exited to see him alive again , i’m guessing that they are planning on doing something , i think one of them control the other , maybe Miles control Billy , i’m really hoping to see Miles face .

  • lynn_libbrecht
    February 26, 2018 at 9:32 pm

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