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Superb Game! This is why

September 1, 2017 at 1:27 am

Just wanted to say my piece…

In my opinion this is the best horror since Alien Isolation. Thank You


1. Smooth as hell. Solid high frame rate! At least on my ps4. Way faster than Alien! Never had trouble running and screaming. The aiming was super snappy.

2. The Formula. You kept it simple with no big changes, just upgrades to movement, more peeking, hiding under water, better night vision, run slide, run is L3 now and proning (Laying flat).

3.The Woods. Talk about stepping on Resident Evil 7 and scraping it off your boot heel for the bugs to eat. Everything looked beautifull and terrifying. The Cornfield scenes and The Lake were amazing although not much happened at the lake.

4.Atmosphere. I dont even have VR and i felt like i was there. The sounds were on point, the graphics are amazing, the characters were crazy and insane, and the physics for fabrics and flappy stuff (hair,clothes, trees and grass)

5.Adult content. Definately some horror fans in the studio. Gore gives scope, so does nudity. It really puts the mood and tone to how crazy this is. Swearing and cursing…remember Manhunt? Graphics are horrid but being chased by lunatics screaming im gonna f****ng cut your throat you little b**** then screams maniacally. This alone is scary 🙂 Dont get rid of it.

My gripes.
1. Hard to escape into the new areas. When your being chased by skin ripping cutist every crack and door looks like a way out.
2. Stealth And The Inescapable “there you are!” after you work so hard to be sneaky. to be honest the only tool we have to use is stealth so its frustrating to die using one tool…make sense? I also felt like the dumb victim in a movie when caught, id be running down the street getting every locked door falling over crap…just i can turn around and yell noooooo!
3. Enemies B-line attitude. Need some sort of throw rock,bottle,trash to distract the enemy. Maybe in outlast 3 🙂

Thanks for 2 of the best horrors in a long long time! You guys should buy rights to Resident Evil and Alien. You guys could take them above and beyond. Truly talented horror team at redbarrelgames

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