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Stuck on Chapter 2 (Job – Spoilers)

April 27, 2017 at 9:00 pm

So I’m dangling from the railroad bridge at the end of Chapter 1 (I think). When I fall down the cut-scene ensues with the small dude riding the bigger guy, I pick up the camera and continue onward. (Chapter 2 – Job) I end up balancing over a tree and climbing over a barrier of rocks. As I continue down the river path, I see bushes fluttering about, so I go towards it, and then there is a fallen-tree barricade. I duck to try to go under, but nothing happens, there is an invisible wall. I looked up multiple walk-through videos to see what was up, but everyone sees a creature underneath the wood while I see nothing, then everyone can continue but I cannot. I’ve linked two photos from my Steam account showing where the creature should show up and the barrier I’m supposed to have access to. I’ve tried verifying the integrity of the game cache through Steam but everything validated fine. Please help!

and Here.

  • MatBleuBleu
    April 28, 2017 at 11:36 am

    In Outlast 2, there is crouch (mapped to the left CTRL key) and crawl (mapped to the C key). They are different. On a controller, you press to crouch, hold to crawl.

    Crawl is very useful to hide under beds and other low objects. In some situation the game will help you crawl automatically, but in this location it does not so you need to do it yourself.

    We will likely try to make this clearer in an upcoming patch, but in the meantime, use the right key.

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