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Solutions to the most common problems encountered with Outlast

July 14, 2016 at 8:07 am

1. (32 bits systems) Warning message when launching the game about “Insufficient virtual memory space! Detecting only 2 Gb of addressable memory.” (or, if ignored, the game eventually crashes)
This problem is related to exhausting the virtual memory space on 32 bits systems. A workaround is to extend the virtual memory space to 3 Gb.

On Windows Vista/7/8 (32 bits):
1) Open a command prompt with administrator privileges
– Open the Start menu
– Type cmd in the search field
– Right click on the command prompt icon and select “Run as administrator”
2) Type “bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVa 3072” (without the quotes)
3) After pressing enter, it should say something like “Operation completed successfully”.
4) Reboot your computer.
5) Try running Outlast again

On Windows XP (32 bits):
Windows XP 32 bits is not officially supported, as indicated in the System Requirements, however Many players still report running the game just fine on this OS after following the steps detailed here: (search for “windows xp 3gb switch” for more information).

2. (64 bits systems) Error 0xc000007b when launching the game.
This usually indicates some incorrect 64-bit system libraries. A workaround is to play the game in 32-bit mode, which should work just as well.

On Steam: From the Steam library, right-click on Outlast, select “Properties”, then click on “Set launch options”, and type in “-32” (without the quotes).
Other sources: Pass in “-32” as parameter to OutlastLauncher.exe (right-click on OutlastLauncher.exe, select “Create shortcut”, right-click the shortcut and select “Properties”, then in the “Target” box append “-32” so that it reads “[…]\OutlastLauncher.exe -32”)

3.(Steam) The game won’t launch, with error “app already running”
This is an internal Steam error. Quit the Steam client, and restart it in administrator mode.

4. Other failure to launch the game, or crash when loading
Most often this is related to the video card drivers. Try updating/reinstalling the drivers.

5. Anything else
Please contact us with detailed information about your problem at [email protected]

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