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InFirst III

Outlast 2 Theories and Speculations

July 12, 2016 at 10:28 pm

Oy I watched a lot of playthroughs of the demo, I did some research, this is what I think,

-Sullivan Knoth will probably not be an enemy you have to flee from, but instead a character similar to Dr. Rudolf Wernicke, in that he was only the force that created all the enemies. Why do I think this? Knoth was a shoe salesman. Not only that, he’s pretty pudgy. It’s hard to imagine someone with his physical capabilities trying to take on a young lad like Blake. And anyways, it seems he’s the type to get his flock to do his bidding for him. In the reversed teaser, you hear him ordering whoever he’s preaching to to “ready your knives, the good Earth thirsts for blood.” (something along those lines) You also hear his voice at the start of the chase sequence in the demo, although he can’t be found.

-Whatever supernatural force/being that the people of Temple’s Gate have in their town has some strange powers, which Red Barrels might be hard-pressed to give a scientific explanation for, as in the case of the Walrider. This supernatural force or being is going to be thought of as not only that black ghost you see in the school, but also the tentacles that pull up Jess’ body and the tongue that pulls you into the well; basically all things encountered that are, upon first glance at least, supernatural. First, Blake gets pulled into a well by a large tongue and into, somehow, a school air vent. I am pretty confident that the people of Temple Gate don’t have an underground Catholic school connected to a well. Therefore, I believe that this being is messing with your mind and creating this school which doesn’t exist in Temple Gate, or it’s transferring you to a past memory, or even transferring you to a past memory, but warping it. The school seems quite modern, with electric lights, chalkboards, desks for each individual student, and it’s clean; just like any American public school’s classroom. These attributes are quite unlike to those of Temple Gate. Now I think we have enough proof that this school is not actually a part of Temple Gate. As for this being a past memory of Blake’s, you find a locker owned by a student named Jess. This student knows both Blake and Lynn; Jess writes to Lynn in a letter, and they joke about the other having a “big sloppy crush on Blake.” Therefore, this is probably the school that Blake, Lynn, and Jess went to. However, it may not have originally been a Catholic school; the religious motifs seem more tied to Temple Gate, which is partially why I believe this memory of the school may be warped; the supernatural force is combining Blake’s memory of his school and pieces of Temple Gate. The supernatural force seems to have direct control over this memory, as the black ghost (which appears physically similar to the Walrider) rushes by Blake multiple times. An invisible being opens and shuts multiple lockers at a time, rapidly. This may not be the black ghost, but another being(s) working with it. More proof of this; after being jump scared by that ugly thing, the locker becomes a shining pathway to another section of the school. It seems that the supernatural being is ‘leading’ Blake, perhaps trying to show him something. Then you encounter Jess’ hanging body which is pulled up by something similar in nature to the tongue that pulled you down the well. You can look up at the black murky hole in the ceiling and you’ll see what appear to be many pairs of hands around and above the hole, which pull back when you approach. I would imagine that you’ll be able to distinguish this memory world from reality by the appearance of these tentacles, if something like this is to occur in the full Outlast 2. And later, you open a door to the Music Room which ends up being not actually the Music Room, but instead a house of Temple Gate. This says something about the powers of this supernatural being, in that you can go from the memory land right into the real world by opening a door. There is no unconsciousness period between the two worlds, you switch in an instant.

-The pickaxe girl at the end of the demo is probably going to be just like Chris Walker; you get followed around all game by them and they’re generally a large nuisance. Morin says himself in an interview that you’ll see a lot more of her, and she believes that God told her to keep you (Blake) safe. Also, to those who think this means Blake is dead and you have to play as Lynn or someone else, or Blake gets captured by the pickaxe girl and has to escape – I don’t think Blake is dead or will have to deal with blood dripping from his missing genitalia for the rest of his game, I think that the pickaxe girl’s appearance at the end of the demo is just to show the death animation if you are caught by her. In the original Outlast demo, Chris Walker kills Miles with the same head ripping technique when he opens a door. I think it’s good to see the parallels and make assumptions from there.

-I’m just going to throw one out there and say either Blake or Lynn dies, but not both. No proof, just my guess.

Feel free to add your own theories, speculations, etc. I don’t think mine are that great to be honest.

  • cat47
    July 12, 2016 at 11:50 pm

    Im not quite sure if the actual game is going to have the tongue bring you into an air vent. I think this demo is similar to the 1st outlast demo where he 2nd half didn’t really make the game, it was just to showcase what other type of environments the player would be in and what they would face. The player going into the air vent after being pulled in by the tongue I think was just a transition that Red Barrels put in to showcase that part of the game. If however that is how the actual released game does it, then I agree with your theory, considering that Red Barrels has stated that this game will make the player be confused as to what is real and what isn’t.

    • cat47
      July 12, 2016 at 11:51 pm

      I also agree that the pick axe girl will be like Chris Walker in the 1st game where you run into her a lot

  • TheCuriousPlayaa
    July 13, 2016 at 12:35 am

    Wouldn’t mind being captured by a girl with a pickaxe :3 XD

  • soulcypher
    July 13, 2016 at 1:16 am

    Will there be some new defensive/offensive and stealth gameplay elements ?

  • Skater1ooo
    July 13, 2016 at 2:58 am

    -I believe that the black ghost in the demo is a form of “Walrider”, which messes with the mind of the character, making them see certain things. In the first Outlast, lucid dreaming/dreaming in general is something that is very prominent in the game, as the host must be able to be 100% lucid in their dream state in order to control the Walrider swarm. I believe that the “Walrider” of this game, is able to pull/alter people’s minds so that the are in his dream state(a form of nightmare which they have complete control over), also I am unsure, but I think it is possible that when the “Walrider” alters people’s minds, they are able to see into/peruse the mind of who they are altering(as seen by certain aspects of Blake’s memory being in the hallucination/dream). I believe this also, due to the fact that according to Red Barrels, Sullivan Knoth was just driving down the road when he began just suddenly started hearing voices and seeing visions(as in his mind was being altered by the “Walrider”). I don’t know everything about how the Walrider works, but this is what I think is going on.

    -Also, I believe that Lin with be one of two things, either a DLC character(Similar to Waylon Park), or a second part of the story(as in at certain instances, we will go to Lin’s POV, and play as her up to a certain point, then go back to Blake, then back to Lin, etc).

    • cat47
      July 13, 2016 at 1:44 pm

      The player will only play as Blake in Outlast 2, but I think dlc as Lin (depending on how the game ends) sounds pretty awesome

  • kaiu08
    July 13, 2016 at 4:51 pm

    – The people of Temple Gate are using their women as a way to breed a ‘God’ of sorts. The pit if sacrificed infants were the ones who were not worthy in the ‘eye’ Sullivan Knoth.

    – Sullivan is the seed of the children?

    – They believe that Lynn is a ‘fallen angel’ from the sky, therefore she is deemed worthy of birthing Knoth’s children

    – The woman with a pickaxe believes you too are a ‘fallen angel’, and that you must be protected to stop the end of times from coming.

    • Skater1ooo
      July 13, 2016 at 7:12 pm

      I also believe that they are attempting to breed a form of their “God” , hoping to unleash it upon the rest of the world, as the woman at the beginning of the game was found pregnant in the middle of nowhere. I believe that they impregnated her, believed(or sensed) that the “God” would be born from her, and sent her out into the world. Then after she was captured, she, knowing what would happen if she gave birth, or just having gone crazy from what they did to her, killed herself to stop the birth from happening. Leading up to your third point, in which they are finding another woman to give birth to the “God”, and so the captured Lin.

    • Oska
      July 14, 2016 at 2:15 am

      Man, now that really sounds like Silent Hill, doesn’t it?..

    • kaiu08
      July 14, 2016 at 2:33 am

      That’s my point, they need their own form of God to worship.

      And I also think that the woman with a pickaxe IS the barefoot pregnant woman.

    • OutlastRyan3
      March 24, 2017 at 2:37 pm

      Hm this is interesting. But why would they send the pregnant chosen woman out in the world only for her to die? Maybe she was disagreed with Knoth and the cult so they persecuted her and killed her.

  • Foreign359
    July 14, 2016 at 1:00 pm

    Really nice theories, completely agree with them.

    I wondered what we are going to get chopped off this time, as in Outlast we got our fingers chopped off, and in Whistleblower, we got our genitals almost cut in half.

    What I think will happen is that they will capture you somewhere in the middle or at the end of the game, and you will actually get CRUCIFIED.
    Like really, put on a cross and hammered to hands and feet with nails.

    Anyone agrees with me ? No? Okay.

    • Skater1ooo
      July 14, 2016 at 4:59 pm

      Crucifixion seems highly plausible, and I feel would set with the evil religious theme very well.

    • fearme
      February 27, 2017 at 3:03 pm

      Absolutely. And I think the crucification will be more… hellish. Remember those huge crosses with dead crucified bodies over a pit of fire in the demo? I think that’s how it’s gonna be. And you’ll have to escape using QTE before your cross falls into the fire.

  • kaiu08
    July 14, 2016 at 3:51 pm

    Totally agree with the crucifixion theory!

    And I reckon we’ll get our eye slit open like Sullivan Knoth, then be forced to play the game with one eye – Burdened like the limp from Whistleblower!

  • soulcypher
    July 14, 2016 at 4:43 pm

    Or maybe this time we’ll get our very soul “chopped off”.

  • cat47
    July 14, 2016 at 7:56 pm

    I highly agree with the crucifix method! Definitely fits the game’s theme. If Sullivan were to rip your eye out that would also be interesting, I wonder how RB would approach the camera view of that, IF that were the case. I like the theory of the pickace girl BEING the pregnant Jane Doe. HURRY UP FALL.

  • kaiu08
    July 17, 2016 at 1:43 pm

    – It is quite possible that Blake Langermann was friends with Miles Upshur, or from the same company.
    – If you are to get your eye ripped out of it’s socket, then I can imagine Red Barrels basically blacking out half of your vision and lowering lighting and FOV.

    And if you were wondering what Chronic Lymphosis, or more commonly known as Lymphocytic Leukemia is, it’s a kind of cancer which basically inflates parts of your body. These parts can include the following: Throat, legs, arms, genitalia etc.

    Basically, we’re in for a great story and wide-array of horrific nightmares.

  • DermoPink
    July 18, 2016 at 2:32 am

    I think there’s a 50% chance that Blake Langermann is/was friends with Miles Upshur. Because in the the beta version of the Whistleblower document, Miles originally worked as a regular journalist for an unknown company before being fired, as a result for posting unacceptable material regarding the situation in Afghanistan. Since then, Miles has been self-employed as an investigative journalist. But IF Blake was friends with Miles, that would mean that they were friends while Miles was still working for the company that Blake is working in. As for the eye ball getting ripped out of the socket, Blake would die of blood loss, especially if the whole eye ball was removed. Maybe the will just damage/wound it with a knife.

    • This reply was modified 2 years, 2 months ago by DermoPink DermoPink.
  • MekaylaJane97
    January 13, 2017 at 11:05 pm

    I just posted a really long theory onto my profile about how I believe Outlast and Outlast 2 are connected. We know that there IS a connection, we just all need to work together to figure it out.

  • Micheal_James
    January 16, 2017 at 3:56 pm

    I saw an interview where one of the devs says that Blake were still sleeping in the demo so i think that when he wakes up he goes thro it all again but dosen’t die in the end as in the demo. The same thing happend in the first game, where Miles dies in the demo but still is the protagonist.

  • jakecat123
    March 24, 2017 at 8:23 pm

    – I think that the black ghost and the tentacle/tongue monster are the same entity. If you pause the scenes where the black ghost goes past, you can see that it has the same silhouette as the monster that grabs you in the hall. When it grabs you, you can see that it has multiple arms, and a long tongue hanging out of its mouth. You can see the same in the silhouette of the black ghost. So its safe to assume that the entity that pulls you into the well, the black ghost, the thing that grabs you in the hall, and the tongue that grabs the hanging girl’s body are all the same being.

    – I also believe that the Murkoff corporation definitely has something to do with Temple’s Gate. In the 4th issue of ‘The Murkoff Account,’ they say this about Temple’s Gate: “Mount Massive was just a pebble in a pond, an experiment on individuals. This is where the real sickness spreads.” The page also gives the coordinates to Temple’s Gate, and shows an image of a farmer clenching a bleeding wound on his stomach, and helping a pregnant woman.

  • kerimoglu
    April 10, 2017 at 1:32 pm

    I think this game is completely independent of the first game. I do not think ghosts agree. Because I saw that the characters of the videos I watched attacked us. The woman who was the big ax in her hand was very enchanted. In short, a nice game is waiting for us

  • TheGreatNapstablook
    April 14, 2017 at 6:30 pm

    I saw Marta on the picture with Sullivan Knoth and his Followers in it.

  • [email protected]
    April 25, 2017 at 10:10 pm

    This may be super far-fetched but I have this feeling like the whole game is a metaphor for the events that actually happened at the Catholic school.

    The Church leader is representing the principal who wants to kill the baby. The baby is a metaphor for the horrible things he’s done to Jessie (likely this might not be the first victim, I’ll come back to this later).

    He doesn’t want his secret to be out so he has to silence it/kill it by any means. The secret in this case represented by the antichrist aka the worst thing according to the Catholic Church/a man of faith. Once the secret is revealed (the baby is born) he kills himself, most likely not out of guilt (he’s definitely a sociopath) but because of the shame of being exposed.

    He had always been able to keep his victims from talking; systematically killing the “babies”, but not this time and now that his secret is out, the consequences are too much to bear and it feels like the end of the world to him; hence the recurring signs of the apocalypse as your progress throughout the game.

    Lynn is a carrying the baby/secret (Most likely Blake told her what he had seen at the school and/or it’s come up in chat conversations between her and lynn, which we’re exposed to during the game) and Blake is in denial as he probably experiences PTSD from the event, or doesn’t want to talk after the principal manipulates him (the session talks heard throughout the game.) She carrying the secret for all three of them as they both know Jessie Killed herself following the assault, feeling let down by her friends, betrayed by her faith and out of ressources to fight back. She feels confused as she deeply believes in god until the very end but was destroyed by a man who acted in his name and seeks counsels but the depression is too hard to handle and she hangs herself.

    They are carrying in the guilt and the choices and are each dealing with it in their own way.
    Jessie kills herself, Blake goes into denial and Lynn keeps the secret until she can’t keep it in anymore. The pregnancy is used as an image for something inevitably about to burst out one day or another.

    They’re reporters a representation of one who tries to gather information or investigate in a situation without taking sides. They’re in the midst of it and are trying to figure out how to get out of there. This is the only thing I think that isn’t so much an image but more just a choice to fit with the gameplay outlast is going for. Reporters have cameras and this is a crucial part of the gaming experience but let’s continue.

    At first Lynn doesn’t want to talk, either out of guilt or as she knows young blake isn’t ready to be caught under fire for exposing the highest authority, that is until the secret is forced out of her by the heretics who I’ll come back to in the next part.

    The two factions represent respectively the Catholics in the know aka the principal’s colleague or peers and or Catholicism, who would rather help the priest bury the evidence because they look up to him, and the Heretics who want to see the secret out, maybe as metaphor for parenting figures who want to use the secret to their “benefit” regardless of the psychological consequences the kids are going through. I think of the Heretics both as a metaphor for Jessica’s parents who are trying to pressure Lynn and Blake to reveal the secret (maybe testify in court), and rivals of the principal in faith probably as another faction of Catholicism. Both are trying to get something out of the situation by using Lynn and Blake going against the very idea of parenting and faith. They all think they’re doing something right while they are becoming monsters to kids who have become preys and don’t know who to turn to. The heretics are represented as anti-christians because they represent an authority that wants to challenge the order in place.

    The helicopter crash represents the day Lynn reveals the secret to a parenting authority or spread rumours about the events and that’s when the two factions are “created”.

    Crushed by the pressure of knowing what happened to her best friends and feeling pressured on both sides, Lynn feels torn apart between her loyalty her faith and her sense of justice. After she she lets the secret out she caves in or “dies” from having to heavy a burden to carry at such a young age. She had to go against all those that were supposed to be there (parents, faith) for her to let the truth out and is destroyed by the experience.

    The monster at the school is an avatar for the guilt/PTSD induced by the principal in Jake, who feels like he killed (hanged) Jessica the second he walked out of the room and the relentless hunt by the monster is in my opinion a metaphor for the efforts of the principal to manipulate Blake to no end, to make sure he never talks about what he’s seen.

    The scary old monster lady reminds me of these hardcore catholics ladies who will blindly hurt anyone who will smear the name of the lord. She is the epitome of blind creed and represent the oppression of the church.

    The father who helps Blake is another parent whose kid died in the same situation but was too cowardly to let the secret out after she told him what happened (if she did at all, maybe he’s one of those dads who doesn’t wanna talk about it, and he just senses something was wrong but didn’t act on it). He probably transferred her to another school to avoid the pressure of challenging the authority/his faith and she ended up killing herself as well. She’s The girl that led Lynn and Blake to start this and was assaulted by the church leader as well, leading to her death. This is why he chooses to help blake and ends up being killed by the lady representing the oppression of faith.

    Once the secret is out (the baby is born, the church leader is dead) he finds the light, peace with himself. The secret, like an infant, will be part of his life forever, but he can finally start to function again knowing there’s nothing to fear anymore. Maybe he recovers faith as he find his own truth and understand that both factions were not representing who they said they were or the exploding sun is him becoming atheist (god is dead). But he’s now free of their handle.

    Everyone on either side is “dead” because they were all trying to use the secret to their own benefit instead of seeing who was really in need of help, going against the very god and positions they thought they were serving. They have “killed” themselves because they have betrayed their beliefs and helped someone who was truly a monster.

    The game can be both seen as the journey through guilt and faith experienced from the lens of PTSD for Blake, and from the burden of challenging the authority for Jessica and Lynn but also as it is : a survival horror with flashbacks that really takes place in a nightmarish hell-hole in the forest.

    Storytelling as an art form can both use literal and metaphoric tools to explore the same deeper meaning and i’m pretty sure it’s the case here. That’s the beauty of it, it’s about reading between the lines and both are valid stories with a higher moral that is dealing with guilt and creed whether it’s the story of a horrible event happening to kids through metaphors or the story of adults who are fighting actual monsters and are experiencing flashbacks.

    I think that’s long enough. 🙂

    Hope you enjoyed it


  • montychristo
    April 26, 2017 at 9:13 am

    My theory is that Outlast 2 is not really about anything supernatural and neither is the series thus far. Please do not read this if you want to avoid possible spoilers!

    In Outlast 1, the main antagonist is certainly not any human form, but a manmade form. The Walrider, that very antagonist, is the result of a chemical and technological reaction that involves farming human cells (at the cost of deterioration to the human body) to control a body of nanomachines. According to the first game, this technology came from Nazi Germany in hopes of “perfecting” humanity or to possibly create a super soldier. Either way, the nanomachines themselves are essentially mind-controlled. You can read more about that in the wikia for the Outlast franchise.

    In Outlast 2, we definitely see a series of events that looks very far fetched. We witness these sonic booms of light that are capable of everything from destroying entire flocks of wildlife, crashing helicopters, and even causing Blake’s hallucinations. We hear a ritual where Knoth and his cult are praying “God give me voice. God guide my hand.” that results in a rapid pregnancy that ultimately degenerates and kills Lynn. Furthermore, Blake seems to go back and forth between a re-enactment of a childhood trauma and reality while still awake.

    Ironically, Blake’s camera does not even pick up the footage from these flashbacks, but in the wikia a fan found a nice little touch that seems to unravel this whole game and possibly the franchise. Someone paused a playthrough during that static to find a Murkoff logo. It’s not like that Corporation would put a paid advertisement in someone’s hallucinations, would they? Another clue can be found in the most recent issue of The Murkoff Account, where Simon Peacock gives out coordinates pointing out “where the real sickness spreads”, claiming that Mount Massive was just a trial run. The final page shows the upside down cross that is iconic in the logo of the current game.

    Think about how the nanomachines were able to possess Miles Upshur at the end of the main game in Outlast 1 and wreak havoc on even the most heavy armaments mankind could use to defend itself. Now apply that same level of intrusion to an unsuspecting colony of people, particularly an outlying cult.

    What if those bursts of sound and light are actually concentrated waves of nanomachines? Murkoff is still alive and well. They just a found a more convenient way to transmit these nanomachines to further impose their will onto anyone and anything. The adversaries in this game are basically puppets. They are not demonically possessed or intoxicated. They have been intruded by nanomachines that are controlling them and ultimately destroying them. The guts and gore displayed on the enemies are a result of this science. Ultimately, as Blake we lose control of our mind as we take part in a puppet show against our will. All awhile, we are completely unaware of the technology inside of us that is designed to impose some else’s will onto us without our consent or knowledge. That is essentially what Sullivan Knoth thinks is God – a mere technological transmission implanted into his brain and using him as a host. This same technology got Lynn pregnant!

    The true horror of Outlast is not in what we experience on the surface. What is really scary is that a giant, trans-national Corporation is resurrecting Nazi technology to impose their will onto (and practically into) the entire human populace. It’s fascism via technological intrusion without consent. Therefore, the question this game begs is: Will humanity and free will Outlast technology that threatens to pervert and destroy it?

  • badkingweedahx
    July 11, 2017 at 12:53 pm

    Thursday, July 11, 2014, 8:34 am, Mount Massive Asylum, Leadville, Colorado

    I never thought that I ever would have to become this.. What have I become? I don’t even have an idea how I’m supposed to turn back. This

    isolation got me sick. Very, very sick. My head is busted open and I can’t really see. Okay, just stay calm, please.. Don’t let them take

    control… My name is Dan Glover and I am a computer technology evaluation programmist, I am 24 years old… Fuck.. Are I? All that shit

    talk got me driving crazy. Okay, okay.. I live in New Orleans, the town which was flooded and all of the gangstas are proud of who they

    are. I have a boyfriend, Ken, his full name is Kennedy Charles, he’s 20 and he just graduated high school. He works at Macy’s and we live

    together under the address: New Orleans, King Street 99/8, by a shopping center. God.. it’s not feeling well.. Maybe I should escape?..

    Nah.. this is just another cheap trick going on in my sick mind. How much time I have spent talking to myself?

    – Hey! Hey, you, are you dumb?!

    – Oh, what? What? Why?

    – Silly fag! Why you stopped all that silly talks? I liked it. Something’s wrong with you again?

    – Ah, no, no! Sorry.

    – My mother Chloe, used to say sorry to me all the time. I hate her, she’s a really busty and slutty milf. Stop saying that unless you
    want me to fuck you up over..

    – Uh-huh, sir.

    At this point I have no idea how to be. Why are I in this place? What made me come here? It turned out that I was messing up with myself

    since I heard that I shut up. Conclusion: I can’t distinguish when I speak and not. What an ill world. I’m surprised by myself that I even

    live yet. Gotta make this quick.

    – Hey! Fucker! Gloverr!! Come back here! You ain’t done with your cell yet! Argh..

    I had to do it. Now I’m free. I’m hungry, I have to eat. No matter what! You can do this, boy! You can do this, come on! Oh shitt!!

    – Oh, my God!.. T-that savage just killed Robert! Ah! Fuck! Why did you-! Ah! Escape! Fast!! Ahh!!!

    Hahahah… hahh.. well.. I am no longer a prisoner. You sick fuck!! See? Like it?!! Come on!! Oh, I forogt. They can’t hear me if I’m not

    using my tongue for it. Well, I can use it for another purposes, hah..

    – Ahhh! No…

    Monday, February 12, 2012, 12:22 pm, Mount Massive Asylum, Leadville, Colorado

    Okay. Today I have only few checkups to do, some stupid ass shit talks and a coffee to get. Alright. Seems pretty easy. Haven’t been this

    bored since high school graduation… Ah.. Alright.

    – Mr. Glover, we have to get this system working before 10. It’s a lot of work and-

    – Yeah, yeah.. I got it. Just give me some time.

    – Alright.

    Later same day and location, 6:09 pm

    I don’t even wanna be here anymore. So boring and depressing. Pretty much like my life outside of this shithole.. Ah.. can we make this

    quick into the exit?

    – Ahhh!! No! No! Don’t!! Please don’t do this! I can do everything! I agree, ahh-

    What the hell was that? Should I turn back or just quit? Alright.. too curious..

    – Why do you think I would let you be alive? Huh?! Tell me, nobody’s in here now, it’s the two of us, you and me, I have a knife, you
    lying down on this goddamn floor. What do you expect from me?

    – I-I really don’t know what you’re talking about, sir! It’s been a long time since I was here doing anything! I haven’t been here since

    – Fucking liar! Fucking scam shit!!! Arhh!! Get this, eat this, you goddman fucker! Ahh!!

    Oh, fuck! Oh fuck oh fuck! Murder? M-murder? Shitt.. I have to get out.. who is he? Stevenson? Oh shit.. That can only mean one thing.. He

    got out.. He made it.. I knew it.. I saw him the other day at the station, near Leadville. He was so mad that security guard had to use a

    gun to get rid of that.. thing… I didn’t expect him to be such a monster. I have to get out. Quick!

    – You’re not getting away, baby! You ain’t!!! Come back here! Daddy’s waiting so hard! Ah!!!

    He saw me. Shit! I’m almost there! Just keep running, Dan, motherfucker, keep running! What was the password? Ahh!! 2-1-0-2 or.. 3? Oh


    Okay, 2-1-2-6, okay!

    – Got you!

    – Leave me alone, ahh, stop it, ahh!!

    – Dan, Dan, Dan.. You didn’t think I’d let go somebody so sweet and smart as you, huh? You can’t leave. Nobody can know! Nobody! Nobody!

    – Ahhh!!!

    Next day same location, 11 am

    – Can you imagine that some poor fucking idiot would ruin our whole business?! Do you know what is the threat?! We could all go to fucking
    hell because some fucking moron wanna flee off the mountain and tell stories how Murkoff treats its patients!!!

    – Can you please shut up, Mr. Blaire? I honestly don’t feel like listening to your bullshit, you half-brained bum fucker!

    – Oh, oh, okay. Alright. I’m out! And don’t fucking page me every hour, okay?!!

    I heard noises and footsteps wherever I was. I had my eyes closed and seemed not to feel my legs. It’s terrifying. Being aware that you

    are locked, having no idea where you are, knowing that nobody is there for you and nobody cares about you. You mean same like a thing.

    Just to use and then throw out.. I really don’t feel like living anymore. All this terrible things happening to me. I can’t take it no


    – Pull him out, the chamber’s ready.

    Monday, September 30, 2013, 8:30 pm, Mount Massive Asylum, Leadville, Colorado

    – Hope made a lateral ascension.

    – And they not happy about it?

    – No.

    – Shit. Shit, shit, shit. Come on!

    I heard noises and screams again.. Used to it.. I don;t even know how much time I’ve spent here.. As a worker.. and as a.. subject. I am

    not mad. I am not sad. I’m not really feeling my mind like I used to. Whenever I try to remember anything, I just see that pattern in the

    middle of my eyes.. I can’t take it… can’t…

    One hour later, same location

    – Don’t you look at us. I love him! Arhh!!

    What is it? Oh my God. Some guy eating another guy. It’s security?! Fuck! I have to get out! I can see a guy passing by.. I think I have

    seen him already.. Yeah, Park, I guess.. or something like that..

    – Oh, you woke up. Wait your turn.

    – I’m sorry, I guess I wasn’t invited to this party. May I just leave or-

    – No way! No way out! You have to feed me! Feed me! Feed mee!!

    Oh shit! I have to get out! I just got through the stack of metal shits and I have no clue where to head!

    – I’m coming, Cooper!

    Some guys trying to run away. Ah! I can’t even run fast.. I lost that psycho but where is the exit? Oh, here.. What?

    Wednesday, July 10, 2014, 9:30 am, Mount Massive Asylum, Leadville, Colorado

    Have to get out.. Have to get out.. Have to get out.. I heard security guard today saying that it’s 2014.. How come? I’ve been two and a

    half years in here, not remembering shit? I thought I was free.. I saw my family, Jenny.. Wait! I have no family. I’m gay. And Jenny is

    not my girlfriend! She’s that psycho bitch drinking Johnnie Walker at work! Shit! My mind is really messign with me… Have to get out…

    Thursday, July 11, 2014, 8:34 am, Mount Massive Asylum, Leadville, Colorado

    Hah… purposes of tongue: one- licking your boss’ liver, two- preparing eyeballs to get consumed, three- almost like a dick. So licky…

    Now… I have no normal arms… They made me a monster and I will become one! Let me see.. Murk-off-corpo-ration… Yeah… Wikileaks…

    Oh, some really interesting footage here.. Peacock… alright.. gotta find him..

  • badkingweedahx
    July 13, 2017 at 11:22 am

    It’s a Murkoff Report story

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