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Name for next game

May 31, 2017 at 10:27 am

hey , red barrels, i am create name fot next game, OUTLAST:THE LAST OUT

  • wingsio
    May 9, 2018 at 11:20 pm

    In reply to: Name for next game

    outlast. i like ít. wings io

  • Scarecrow2
    May 23, 2018 at 3:49 pm

    In reply to: Name for next game

    Here are my Ideas of what should be in Outlast 3. I do not have an exact story but here are my Ideas,

    -It will be a prequel set in the 1980s approximatly 30 years before the original Outlast Game.
    -The game will take place in a tough love camp for troubled teens that is run by Murkoff.
    -The plot will be very similar to The 2008 film Boot Camp with Mila Kunis. It focuses on a teenage boy whos girlfirend is sent to a Boot Camp in New Mexico Run by Murkoff, due to her constantly acting out against her parents. the children there are supposedly rehabilitaited, in reality, It is a prison like camp where they are abused, brainwashed to work for Murkoff. those who fail the program were experimented on in a prototype morphogenic engine. So as to ensure structure, teens wear shirts of different colours. New arrivals wear black, then yellow, then white – based on the teen’s progress in the program. Those who wear the white shirts tend to take advantage of their positions as they no longer have to work and are now responsible for monitoring the other teens.
    -May characters from the previous Oulast Game return
    * Two of the White Shirts who torment the other inmates include a young Jeremy Blaire and a young Richard Trager. Trager and Blaire antagonises the inmates in many ways such as raping young girls in exchange for yellow shirts. Alot of what Trager would do in the game foreshadows what he would do in Mount Massive. Trager and Blaire are eventually saved and find jobs in Murkoff.
    *A Young Val appears in the game, he was sent to the camp by his parents because he was gay. During the game, Trager with the help of Jeremy Blaire would cut Vals penis of with Scissors and rape him
    *The Protagonists girlfriend Sophie “Marta” McGovern, that was abducted by the camp, becomes Knoth Eye, Marta in Outlast 2 after being subject to Murkoffs experiments in the camp. In the end of the game you will see her impale the camp owner with an axe and flee with Val and other survivors to Temple Gate carrying the dead protagnists body with her.
    * A Young Chris Walker also appears, but not as an antagonist.
    -New Characters also appear in the game
    *One is another White Shirt who is like Lucas Baker from Resident Evil and puts the protagonist into death traps.
    *another who is like Chris Walker and Marta. He is a mixture of Pyramid head and Bane. He is a Boot Camp inmate who was tortured and experimented on with a Steroid to create a super soldier. This drug was also used on the protagonists girlfriend,
    *and finally for the villain of the DLC a female villain who is far more disturbing and scary than Eddie Gluskin.

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