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My Theory on What Hapened (Spoilers)

April 27, 2017 at 2:54 pm

****right, so don’t proceed if you haven’t played************

Murkoff has to be established here. Signs include:
1.The white light /audio boom that stuns Knoth’s congregation during an early chase sequence…
2.The same signal that drops those bird…
3.The radio/signal tower Blake spots while approaching the lake….
4.Correspondence by multiple women indicating they’re having similar dreams….remember the CIA work Murkoff picked up at Mount Massive?
5.The shared hallucination of Armageddon…..
6.Lynn’s inexplicable 12 hour pregnancy and delivery……like that really happened? She died of misc wounds and trauma…
7.The fact they’re murdering their children…..the one action anyone would be MOST opposed to taking….
8.The additional fact that this isolated little church community, founded by a Jim Jones wannabe years ago with no REAL contact with the outside world would provide the perfect opportunity to test mindf–k technology….

All of this points to the corporation taking its work to the next level. Look at what they’ve got to work with. A larger population of test subjects. A population already susceptible to conditioning thanks the Knoth’s Hellfire and Brimstone sermons (I fully believe the lore shows he and a core group of nuts ran off into the wilderness all on their own years before). A population that isn’t going to require such stringent operational security (ie convincing doctors and guards and nurses with day to day dealings with the subjects to keep quiet); nor have anyone looking into “whatever happened to so and so?”

The CIA and Murkoff both wanted to see if they could use hypnotic suggestions and weird, Nazi psycho-therapy to make people act in ways completely contrary to their nature, without hesitation. They weren’t satisfied with manipulating jailed crazies. They wanted to see how well they could mess with FAMILIES. And they’ve done it. I only hope we get more, because this franchise continues to be brilliant. DLC could offer a better look into what’s happening at that tower, or how Murkoff got started here. It’d be nice to get some real closure for Blake…unless he just stroked out…..but if not, hey…waddya gonna do? This game world Red Barrels has established is not a nice, comfy place. It’s a world of harsh truths.

God, I hope they keep it going 🙂

  • JaggSauce
    April 28, 2017 at 3:27 am

    i really hope we get a DLC (sequel) to Outlast 2, like we got Whistleblower for the original game.

    i think Blake and Lynn spend MONTHS in this horrid place.
    some indicators of a lot more time passing than we initially thought, is Lynn’s overnight pregnancy, Val’s weird and sudden transformation from a man into a woman (with tits, gash and all that), the fact that the number of corpses the player (Blake) stumples upon during his journey increases with every nightmare sequence he gets through, and simultaneously more and more villages are abandoned, for what looks like increasing periods of time – rotten food everywhere for example, or the fact the townsfolk seem to rely almost solely on potatoes and corn for their sustenance, as that is the only kind of food that won’t spoil after a week or so, which i guess the hallucinations/stunning/blackout sequences lasts (likely these nightmare visions last up to weeks or months at a time, hence why Blake mostly wakes up in random caves when he gets out of the nightmare sequences… it implies he has been walking around during his nightmare-state and then double-blacking out in caves around the area, where we (the player) eventually “wake up” when we get out of the nightmare sequences.

    Murkoff is definitely present here, there is no doubt about that.
    documents indicate a female pathologist-person from the first game (or whistleblower) employed by Murkoff is on a “mission” there, and is the one responsible for the pulsating control tower.

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    • justmatt101
      April 28, 2017 at 7:32 am

      I don’t think they were there for months at all. Here’s how I see things went down:

      Murkoff has Knoth and the opposing Heretics to use as their guinea pigs.

      The helicopter flies over the canyon, and the personnel manning the towers’ control station, realizing outsiders have started snooping, drop it with an EMP blast or something similar. It’s why the engine just goes.

      It all happens over the course of a single night. Murkoff plants an increased sense of urgency in Knoth. Interlopers would be hunted down and killed regardless, but Knoth tells Josiah (the blinded man on the wheel) that Lynn is going to birth the Anti-Christ if they don’t stop her THAT NIGHT. Murkoff is trying to eliminate witnesses, pronto.

      And she was never pregnant.

      It was established in the first game, and spelled out again in the comics Red Barrels put on its site, why there were no female inmates at Mount Massive. The experiments were causing them to develop fake (psychosomatic) pregnancies. Lynn feels pain at the beginning of the game because of the waves coming out the towers, as well as (probably) the fact that Murkoff is blasting super duper enhanced messages of “she’s gonna birth the anti-Christ, get her” and (probably) the fact that Knoth was wrist deep in her privates giving her an inspection.

      Lynn’s full-term pregnancy belly was a shared hallucination. And her delivery never happened. Note her last line – there’s “nothing there.” She’s not staring off into an empty after life. She’s literally experiencing a moment of lucidity. She’s telling her husband that he’s holding an empty bundle of rags, or nothing at all. She died from trauma or heart failure or what have you.

      The spoiled food and all that – these people thought they were in paradise. Yet they were living in a setting rife with squalor and neglect. They probably saw yummy milk and honey. Who knows?

      I do think Blake is dead. He either stroked out at the end, due to massive blast form Murkoff. Or he simply died from exhaustion and shock (look at what the poor guy went through).

      The only bright spot in the whole game – is he did allow himself a measure of redemption. His recordings show he finally accepted – and he was right – that what happened to Jessica wasn’t his fault. He was a child intimidated into silence by a religious authority figure. A child who would have struggled about how to handle the violent death of a friend, no matter the circumstances. His redemption in his mind came from just how much he was willing to do, and suffer, to safe his wife. He acted out of selfless love that whole time. And his reward, which sadly didn’t happen in the mortal world, came in the very last scene, where Jessica was waiting to offer a prayer describing love and kindness. People bashing the game for its religious theme failed to note that entirely. That, at the end, the only true expression of Christianity came from a little girl embracing her friend and voicing a sentiment of love.

      The game is brilliant. Sadly for Blake, I don’t see any DLC bringing him back to life.

      Murkoff pulled the plug and killed everyone on site. They escalated the broadcasts the longer it took to get Blake. Thus the raining blood and dead fish and all that. They were amping things up. When Knoth says “God is silent” at the end — it means Murkoff has pulled the plug. They’re either clearing out …after confirming everyone’s dead… or prepping for the next round. Blake’s death (if that’s what it was) was their last push of the button.

  • Altair_Snake
    June 26, 2017 at 3:27 pm

    Thanks for those posts. I’ve finished the game just now and was confused af.

    I had seen some evidence that there was an environmental cause to the hallucinations (a letter in a cave by the lake, talking about a bad trip that made the dude soil himself). But I didn’t see enough to convince me that it was high tech stuff. One thing I liked about the first game was that the hallucinations the main character suffers are very subtle and plausible. So, the intense bad trips of the second seemed so exagerated and unplausible – specially considering its shared themes with Blake’s – that they got me thinking (still before the ending) the whole thing was a trip, which would kinda lame.

    I really fell for the feint that the plot was similar to Silent Hill 2 (except for subtle, not so obviously supernatural) – that the whole desert thing was a hellish trip (maybe literal) about Blake killing Jessica. I think they intended that feint and it was a good one.

    However, considering I didn’t see enough evidence of the high tech induced trips, I ended up feeling that the eding was anticlimatic, as in… the desert part was all just a trip about his past, which was actually cuter than expected. But with the explanations here, you guys saved the ending for me.

    And I request that you please detail any (as many as possible) clues about the involvement of the high tech folks; be them clues in Outlast 2, or from the first one (or DLC). I loved the ones I read here, already.

    Thanks, fellas.

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 3 months ago by  Altair_Snake.

    • Yinsed
      July 6, 2017 at 11:35 pm

      You notice that each wave (The White Light), everyone in the village becomes more violent and irrational, documents in the game support that the microwaves is the main cause for the villagers hallucinations. Issue 5 of the comic hints that Murkoff Corp have been experimenting on the village for a while. And the whole thing in Outlast 2 is not a trip, i would say him hallucinating his childhood crush at catholic school (he’s a pos for Gray’s death) and Lynn’s 9-month pregnancy is a trip.

  • badkingweedahx
    July 13, 2017 at 11:23 am

    It’s a Murkoff Report story

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