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Murkoff Account #4 Ending

February 23, 2017 at 6:37 pm

The last picture in the fourth comic revealed a pregnant woman with a man which I thought I could be Blake or Lynn, but probably not.
My theory is that there could be a huge possibility that could be Jane Doe, but Lynn said in the beginning, “A young woman was found wandering, barefoot, pregnant.” Lynn didn’t say that she was either alone or with somebody in the desert and if you hear Blake’s dialogue (SPOILER:) he says, “You’re pregnant?” To Lynn because he didn’t know that she was pregnant. If you look in the picture the pregnant woman is barefoot. So that could be Jane Doe with somebody or her husband in the picture. What I also think in the picture is that the man/husband is trying to help her escape from the cult (Testament of the New Ezekiel), but they failed escaping and as a result they died. (Jane Doe was never part of the cult.) I have a feeling that there could be a connection between the pregnancies and the cult since I read Knoth’s information said, “The voice of God expressed to Sullivan his dissatisfaction with the world and its Churches, stating that he needed a brave new prophet” And another thing that caught my eye was, “Sullivan often encouraged all the women of the flock to breed frequently, even donating his own seed to to the cause and personally delivering each baby.”
In conclusion, this ‘prophet’ thing could have a connection between the pregnancies and the cult because the cult may assume that Jane Doe’s child or (SPOILER:) Lynn’s child could be the prophet. Since Jane Doe was murdered, Blake and Lynn came to Arizona to investigate her murder, but the helicopter crashed and both Blake and Lynn were separated. During the demo as Blake tried to find his wife he could hear her screaming in the distance. I assume that the cult members found her and tried to take her away. Possibly later in the game (SPOILER:) Blake says, “You’re Pregnant?” To Lynn when he found out that she was pregnant. Maybe the cult members replaced Jane Doe by doing everything they could to get Lynn pregnant. But this would’ve happened when Blake was trying to find her, or he was in a coma, or something else might’ve happened.

  • OutlastRyan3
    March 23, 2017 at 3:45 pm

    But what about those woman at Mount Massive who seemed to be pregnant or showed signs of pregnancy? I wonder if that has anything to do with the Jane Doe or Lynn.

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