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Issue 5

April 29, 2017 at 5:36 pm

Great conclusion to a great comic series. After reading it, it is confirmed that there was an experiment going on at Temple Gate, what I believe to be a portable Morphogenic Engine. What surprised me the most was that there was a healthy baby in Jane Doe, since there was the theory that it was all an hallucination because spoilers: Lynn’s last words are “There’s nothing there.” Maybe she had a legitimate baby with the man she ran away with or maybe Murkoff’s experiment produced actual babies just in a very rapid way. I do believe the ending of the comic may possibly lead to Outlast 3 or another comic series. Whatever it leads to, its bound to be great. P.S. great job on the new Outlast and comic series.

  • Deppie11
    April 30, 2017 at 8:20 am

    In reply to: Issue 5

    I already finished outlast 2 , at the begging i hated the story since it does not follow outlast exactly but the game was really scary , i was waiting to see miles as the walriader and i dont know if i missed him or not but i didnt see him in the game , then i start reading the comic and i got super exited to see billy again , “spoilers” as issue 5 came out i was hoping to know where is miles now ? where is Waylon park ? but since outlast 2 finish the comic as it said in the comic “continued in out last 2 ” i do understand now , but i was really hoping to see Miles again since he was the hero in outlast 1 and helped Waylon park to escape , i’m guessing that Miles want Waylon to finish his work as a reporter maybe Waylon sent Blake and Lynn there , since we saw the pregnant girl that came out from the village , and we saw Marta taking the body out at the ending , i’m not that good when it comes to connect the story of the games together , but i really hope to see miles again , not DEAD !! Alive , and i do believe that there is an experiment , and i have the feelings that Miles or Waylon park are hiding there or watching from far away , maybe Miles got an email from Waylon about the village and the experiment, as we saw in the game “forgot the name” there was a guy who helped Black to hide from Marta maybe he helped Waylon too , this what i’m thinking i’m still gonna check the game again the game was really awesome and i’m glad to see the camera again XD .

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