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Idea for Next Outlast game!!

September 12, 2017 at 3:45 pm

I have an idea for Outlast 3, It will be titled Outlast Origins, which will take place about 30 years before the original Outlast in a Boot Camp owned by Murkoff. The plot will be very similar to The 2008 film Boot Camp with Mila Kunis. It focuses on a teenage boy whos girlfirend is sent to a Boot Camp in New Mexico Run by Murkoff, due to her constantly acting out against her parents. the children there are supposedly rehabilitaited, in reality, It is a prison like camp where they are abused, brainwashed to work for Murkoff. those who did not break the rules were experimented on in a prototype morphogenic engine. So as to ensure structure, teens wear shirts of different colours. New arrivals wear black, then yellow, then white – based on the teen’s progress in the program. Those who wear the white shirts tend to take advantage of their positions as they no longer have to work and are now responsible for monitoring the other teens. Two of those teenagers are younger versions of Jeremy Blaire and Richard Trager. A Younger version of Val was also sent to the boot camp as a male.
The Boy infiltrates the cam, he trys to save his girlfriend with the help from Val, but they are caught,The Girl is sent to the the central lab while Val and the boy however are sent to Tragers dormatry where Trager cuts Vals penis of and a finger from the boy. The boy escapes from Trager and Blaireto try and reach the central lab to find the girl. HE faces many obstacles in the way such as teenagers who are turned to varients. WHen the boy finally reachs the lab, the camp owner along with Trager and Blaire sends the boy and girl into the morphogenic engine, the boy dies while the girl survives leaving her with pasty skin, and an unnatural apperence. She kills the camp owner by impaling him with an axe, she lets all the variants out and escapes to the desert. Trager and Blaire are rescued by Murkoff.

  • TheNoviceGamer
    September 23, 2017 at 12:16 am

    Hey This is great I think the next game should be set in the jungle somewhere!

  • Scarecrow2
    March 3, 2018 at 12:51 pm

    Here are some more ideas for Characters in the next Outlast game
    -One is another White Shirt who is like Lucas Baker from Resident Evil and puts the protagonist into death traps.
    -Another who is like Chris Walker and Marta. He is a mixture of Pyramid head and Bane. He is a Boot Camp inmate who was tortured and experimented on with a Steroid to create a super soldier. This drug was also used on the protagonists girlfriend,

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