Red Barrels News

November 05, 2020

Play Games, Heal Kids


Like many of our fellow gamers and game Devs across the globe, on November 7th the Red Barrels team will be taking part in Extra-Life 2020. Beginning at 12 pm (EST) our Devs are going to attempt to game for the full 24hrs. Will they do it? You will have to join them on the day to find out.  

Extra-Life is the opportunity for the RB Team to have a good time gaming while using our platform to help support children as they face health challenges early on in life. Our mission is to help create positive change during these uncertain times and with your help, we can do that. 

The RB team will be playing to raise funds for Opération Enfant Soleil. Your donations will support the purchase of state-of-the-art technology, specialized equipment, and help to update hospital facilities. Whether a large pediatric hospital or a regional health initiative, Opération Enfant Soleil’s goal is to provide critical services and equipment that accelerate recoveries, shorten hospital stays, and get kids back to the business of being a kid. 

How can YOU help us reach our goal? Easy! 

  • Donate: Any amount is appreciated and no donation is too small. Small actions by many can accomplish big things. To make a donation or learn more about donating to the Extra-Life, please check out the Red Barrels Extra-Life page
  • Share:  Help us get the word out! Share and retweet our Extra-Life campaign posts on Facebook and Twitter.   
  • Encourage: Hangout and encourage the RB Devs as they play games throughout the night.  

What will they be playing? 

The team will be playing the Outlast series, some indie titles, and various other horror games. 

Who is playing and where can I watch? 

Hang out with the RB team on their own twitch channels or on the official Red Barrels Twitch channel where we will be hosting their streams throughout the event.   

Who  Start Time (EST time zone)   Twitch Channel 
 JT (Writer of the Outlast Series)   11 PM 
 Alex (Game Designer)    1 PM 
 Youssef (QA)   8 PM 
 Vincent G (UI Programmer)    12 PM 
 Vincent L (QA)    12 PM 


For more information on Opération Enfant Soleil and the wonderful work they do, please check out their website here.